The Following Paranormal Phenomena are Still Unexplained by Scientific Means

Everything that couldn’t be explained, throughout human history, has been referred to as magic. If you think about it, any technology we have now, say your phone, would be considered ‘witchcraft’ if you took it back into the past. Magic is just something that science cannot currently explain, in my humble opinion. And science can explain most of the things that are happening around us; however, not everything can be explained by scientific means. In fact, there are numerous paranormal events that researchers have tried to explain but failed. They’re mysteries, likely with their own rules and laws, that we just don’t understand yet. (Remember, just because something is ‘unexplained’ doesn’t mean that it can’t be explained.) To give you a better view, here are some of the paranormal phenomena that are still unexplained by scientific means.

The Taos Hum


Taos is a small city in New Mexico that has its own mysterious phenomenon. To be specific, about 2 percent of the residents of this place have reported hearing a low-frequency hum for years. Some people believe that the sound was caused by strange acoustics, while others think it is associated with a sinister purpose. Today, researchers are still trying to figure out if the sound is natural, psychological, or supernatural. Even so, a survey showed that the residents heard different kinds of sounds. For this reason, it was suggested that the experiences were subjective and not objective sounds. More research still needs to be conducted to better understand what is going on.

Sixth Sense

As you know, there are several paranormal phenomena that are still unexplained by scientific means. One, in particular, is the sixth sense. Some people call it gut feeling or intuition. All people have experienced this phenomenon at one point in their lives. To be specific, you have a strange feeling that something is wrong. Most of the time, your feeling is correct.

According to some psychologists, people can subconsciously pick up details or information from their surroundings. As such, they may sense something without knowing it. Unfortunately, the sixth sense is hard to prove; thus, there is no exact explanation for this phenomenon. However, there are centers and universities still trying to study and better understand the human intuition on a scientific level.

Deja Vu


In France, deja vu is a phrase that means “already seen.” Around the rest of the world, we know it as a reference to a strange phenomenon. Usually, this paranormal event refers to the mysterious feeling that you’ve experienced a certain situation before. For example, you’re walking to a building in a foreign place you’ve never visited before, yet you have this strange feeling that the building is familiar. You realize, “I’ve done this before.”

Some people have associated deja vu with psychic experiences relating to a person’s previous lives. Unfortunately, there are no scientific explanations regarding the cause or nature of this mysterious experience.

Near-Death Experiences

The last on this list of paranormal phenomena that are still unexplained by scientific means is the near-death experience (or NDE). Many people have reported experiencing a near-death experience, suggesting that there is life after death. However, there is no proof of this matter. Even so, some scientists suggest that the experience is a hallucination. In one study, it was shown that a dying heart sends signals to the brain, and the signals may be responsible for the experience. However, for those who have experienced NDEs, they passionately express that there is much more behind this phenomenon, something many centers and universities are still studying today.

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