The Most Breathtaking Medieval Destinations Rich in History

The medieval era was an iconic period in history, one many of us wish we could have experienced (mostly). It includes the time between the Roman Empire and the Renaissance period. Even though this iconic era was more than 500 years ago, its impressive architecture has survived in numerous destinations. In fact, many cities feature historical medieval details, transporting you back to the past. To give you a better view, here are some of the most breathtaking medieval destinations rich in history.

Carcassonne, France


Carcassonne holds many stories about the numerous battles that occurred in the city. Although some of the fights were lost, this medieval city remains intact. One reason was due to its fortress walls with monstrous towers that protected the area from attacks.

Unfortunately, the medieval fortress of Carcassonne started to deteriorate when it was demilitarized. Afterward, the French government wanted to demolish it. However, many local people opposed the demolition. As a result, it became a historical monument.

By 1997, Carcassonne was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From there, it became a popular medieval destination in France, along with Mont-Saint-Micheal. The reason for its popularity is the city’s picturesque ambiance that resembles a beautiful scene from a storybook.

Toledo, Spain

Toledo, a city in Spain, is one of the most breathtaking medieval destinations rich in history. After all, it is considered the “City of Three Cultures.” As you may know, three communities, including Muslims, Jewish people, and Christians, peacefully lived in the city for centuries. As such, you will see a gothic cathedral, beautiful mosques, and Sephardic synagogues inside the city’s walls.

In 1986, UNESCO declared Toledo a World Heritage Site. In fact, many travelers are easily lost in the streets of the city because they are mesmerized by the ancient buildings surrounding the area. Plus, this medieval destination features a ton of historical monuments that will give you a remarkable travel experience.

Bruges, Belgium


This list of the most breathtaking medieval destinations rich in history will not be complete without Bruges, a city in Belgium. After all, it is among the best-preserved medieval destinations in Europe because a majority of its ancient structures remain intact. Aside from that, it was considered a center of culture and trade from the 12th to the 15th centuries.

In 2000, UNESCO named Bruges a World Heritage Site because of the city’s medieval architecture that can transport you back into the past. After UNESCO’s declaration, this medieval city has undergone a time of revitalization. As a result, it has become a popular tourist destination today.

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