The Most Exciting Destinations for Urban Explorers

Urban exploration is now gaining popularity because of the unique travel experiences and thrills it provides. As you know, many travelers like to visit places that are off-the-beaten-path. The good news is that there are numerous abandoned and hidden places that fall into this category. On your next trip, rather than going to the same old beach, perhaps, you will be enticed to step out of your comfort zone and hop on a tour of an old, dilapidated place. Sound like fun? Well then, here are some exciting destinations for urban explorers.

Tempelhof Airport – Germany


Berlin is an excellent destination for urban explorers who are new to the hobby. One particular attraction you can visit in this city is the iconic Tempelhof Airport. This structure started operations in the 1930s and continued to function until 2008. Throughout the years, it has been in the best and worst of situations, making it an integral part of German history. In fact, this airport was considered “the mother of all airports” by Sir Norman Forster, a British architect.

Today, the Tempelhof Airport is open to daily tours. Here you can visit the numerous war bunkers and the terminal, itself. Plus, its runways have been turned into a public park.

Murphy Ranch – Los Angeles

murphy-ranch-trail-nazi-hike-los-angles-malories-adventures-hiking (5)

One of the most exciting destinations for urban explorers is the Murphy Ranch. It is an abandoned ranch that was designed to shelter Nazi sympathizers when Winona and Norman Stephen thought that Hitler would win the war.

Today, the Murphy Ranch is often visited by bikers and hikers. Urban explorers will also be amazed by this place because it has old structures and ruins. However, the walls of the buildings are now covered with graffiti. Even so, the ruins are enough to give you a glimpse of this self-sustaining community during the war. And, it’s a public trail, so the ranch is currently open to visitors who are looking for a good hike.

Read more about hiking Murphy Ranch Trail Here!

Freedom Tunnel – New York

New York is the perfect destination for urban explorers because it has countless abandoned places. One, in particular, you shouldn’t miss is the Freedom Tunnel. This underground train system can be dated back to the 1930s, a time when a train system was considered more convenient than automobiles. Today, the Freedom Tunnel is an excellent place you can explore because you’ll see numerous works of art in the form of graffiti.

Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia


The last on this list of the most exciting destinations for urban explorers is the Eastern State Penitentiary. As you likely know, this prison is a U.S. National Historic Landmark, and it held some of the most notorious outlaws of America, including Al Capone. Unfortunately, this penitentiary closed in 1971. Even so, its cathedral-like design was not touched, so you will still see a magnificent building with great architecture when you explore this place. An added bonus is that you can join for ghost tours if you visit it during Halloween.

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