The Most Famous Lost Treasures Throughout History

As you know, numerous famous treasures have existed from around the world throughout time. While it may seem like a relic of the past, our world society is still very much enthralled by the idea of finding a lost treasure. Most of these historical famous treasures were used as a symbol of splendor, opulence, and decadence. In fact, many people have marveled at their magnificent beauty. Unfortunately, some of these fantastic treasures have mysteriously disappeared during times of disaster or war. So, what are the most famous lost treasures throughout history?

Blackbeard’s Treasure

Blackbeard was an infamous pirate from 1716 to 1718. He was known for his cruelness and viciousness. Within two years of plundering the seas, he amassed a huge wealth. To be specific, he would patiently wait for the return of the treasure-laden ships of the Spaniards to steal their gold and silver.

Eventually, Blackbeard died when British Lieutenant Robert Maynard decapitated the famous pirate and hung his head as a trophy. The problem was that Blackbeard’s treasure was never found. The pirate admitted that he buried his stash somewhere that was unknown to anyone. Some people believe that his great wealth was hidden somewhere either in the Cayman Islands, in Virginia’s Chesapeake, or on Caribbean Islands. Unfortunately, no one has ever figure out where Blackbeard’s Treasure was hidden from the world and it has remained a very hidden mystery.

The Ark of the Covenant


One of the most famous lost treasures throughout history is the Ark of the Covenant. The ancient Israelites considered this ornate chest “the most sacred thing on Earth.”

The Ark of the Covenant is supposedly made of wood with gold overlaid in and out of the chest. Aside from that, it also has two cherubs mounted on the gold cover. The main purpose of this ornate chest is to guard sacred relics, including the two tablets where the Ten Commandments were written. For this reason, the Ark of Covenant is a priceless treasure for the Israelites.

Unfortunately, Jerusalem was besieged by the Babylonians in 607 B.C. When the Israelites returned 70 years later, the Ark of the Covenant was missing. Many people believed that the chest was destroyed by the Babylonians. Some thought that the Hebrews hid the chest, while others speculated that the treasure was hidden at Mount Nebo, Ethiopia, or in a cave in Judah. Lastly, some people believed that God removed the chest through divine intervention. To this day, whatever the fate of the Ark was, it remains a mystery.

The Amber Room

Finally, the last on this list of famous lost treasures throughout history is the Amber Room. Many people described this lost treasure as the “eighth wonder of the world.”

The Amber Room was a hall that had large wall panels with tons of amber, gold-leaf-edged mirrors, and Florentine mosaics. Aside from that, the Amber Room had a plethora of precious jewels. Plus, the glass cases in the hall displayed in the hall contained the most precious collections of Russian and Prussian artwork.

Initially, the Amber Room was placed at Catherine Palace after King Friedrich I had given it to Peter the Great. However, the treasure disappeared during the second World War when the Nazis stormed the palace in 1941. According to historians, the Amber Room was displayed at the Königsberg Castle. However, it was missing when the Königsberg surrendered in 1945. Nevertheless, the Amber Room was recreated in the Catherine Palace for people to imagine what the real original room looked like. However, the whereabouts of the original treasure are still missing.

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