The Most Frightening Paranormal Hot Spots Around the World

Today, more and more travelers are fascinated by paranormal activity and locations. In fact, there are numerous haunted places around the world. It only makes sense given the vast and intricate history of our world. However, if you’re searching for terrifying places, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, you will read about some of the most frightening paranormal hot spots around the world. Most of these places were built hundred years ago and are known for their spooky stories throughout the centuries.

Poveglia Island – Italy


Poveglia Island is a small island with a dark history. For instance, it is where infected people were brought to die during the 14th century when the Bubonic plague occurred. Aside from that, it was also used as an asylum where patients were supposedly tortured and experimented on in the 1800s.

Because of its dark past, many locals are afraid to go near Poveglia Island today. In fact, several visitors have reported hearing screams and voices on this small island. Some have also seen shadows and sensed something evil upon stepping on the island. Due to these strange occurrences, the island is totally abandoned and off-limits to tourists.

Myrtles Plantation – USA


One of the most frightening paranormal hot spots around the world is the Myrtles Plantation. It is a historic home in Louisiana with about ten recorded deaths occurring on the property. For this reason, it is not surprising that numerous ghost sightings are reported in this mansion. One, in particular, is Chloe, a servant killed on the plantation. According to reports, she has been seen wearing a green turban. Other ghosts in the mansion are the spirit of a young girl, a soldier, a voodoo priestess, and a previous owner of the house.

Despite being known as the “most haunted house in America,” the Myrtles Plantation is now a famous Bed and Breakfast. They are also offer ghost tours if you want a spine-chilling experience.

Castle of Good Hope – South Africa


Aside from those frightening paranormal hot spots around the world, you can also visit the Castle of Good Hope for a thrilling experience. This structure is the oldest building in South Africa. It is also known for its paranormal activity due to the ghosts supposedly residing in this building. For one, visitors have seen a tall gentleman jumping off the castle walls. Aside from that, visitors have also reported seeing a woman wearing grey running through the building while crying hysterically.

Today, the Castle of Good Hope is a popular tourist attraction in South Africa. It features three museums and offers guided tours.

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