The Most Gorgeous Waterfall Hiking Trails from Around the World

There is a reason many tourists are drawn to waterfalls. For one, seeing water flow over a cliff is both relaxing and mesmerizing. As such, a lot of breathtaking waterfalls have become full-on tourist spots with gift shops and restaurants. Plus, most of these places offer transportation that will take you to your destination. However, many tourists prefer to take an adventure to see the stunning view of a waterfall, as well. With hiking on the rise in the world of travel, it’s important to note that many hikes end at the stunning site of a waterfall. So, here are some of the most gorgeous waterfall hiking trails from around the world.

Veliki Slap – Crotia


Veliki Slap means “large waterfall,” and it is a 256-foot waterfall in the Plitviče Lakes National Park. However, it is not the only attraction in this place. In the park, you can take several trails to reach it. In those trails, you will see several waterfalls and lakes that will amaze you. The easiest trail you can take is Trail A in Entrance 1. This trail is about 2.2 miles, and it offers beautiful landscapes.

Cola de Caballo – Spain

One of the most gorgeous waterfall hiking trails from around the world is the trail to Cola de Caballo. This waterfall is the most spectacular view in Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. However, reaching this tourist spot is not an easy journey because you need to hike an 11-mile trail. As such, you have to start early. Even so, you will enjoy hiking this trail because of the beautiful views you will encounter. Plus, you can also have a picnic at the Refugio de Góriz for a more enjoyable trip.

Havasu Falls – USA


The Havasu Falls has blue-green water that will surely amaze you; however, the trail to this waterfall is quite challenging. Keep in mind that this waterfall is located within the land of the Havasupai Tribe. As such, you have to apply for a permit to enter the trail. Afterward, you can start your journey at Grand Canyon’s South Rim. From there, you have to take an eight-mile trail to reach the Supai Village and another two miles to reach the falls. Aside from that, day hiking is not permitted, so you have to stay for a night or two. Nevertheless, all your efforts will be worth it because you will see one of the most beautiful waterfalls at your destination.

Gocta Waterfall – Peru

The last on this list of the most gorgeous waterfall hiking trails from around the world is the trail to Gocta Waterfall in Peru. Gocta Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in the world, and it is located in the Amazonas region of Peru. The easiest way to reach it is through the trail from Cocachimba village, which is about six miles. In this trail, you will see beautiful views that will make a memorable journey.

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