The Most Haunted Places to Visit in Iowa

Iowa is famous for its national parks, scenic landscapes, and museums. These specific types of tourist attractions have brought a lot of travelers to this state. However, Iowa is also known as the top destination for those interested in paranormal activity. In fact, there are several scary places in this area that are sure to exhilarate you. So, what are the most haunted places in Iowa?

Oakland Cemetery

The Oakland Cemetery has been a favorite of thrill-seekers for years. The reason is due to the Black Angel statue. According to the locals, the statue was built to signify the grief of Teresa Feldevert when she lost her husband and son. Initially, the statue had a golden hue, and it was intended to watch over the Family’s grave-site.

When Teresa died in 1924, the beautiful statue supposedly started turning black. People have several theories regarding its mysterious change of color. Some believed that Teresa was a witch, and she cursed the statue to protect their grave-site.

Today, people who visited the Black Angel statue reported hearing voices and seeing mysterious lights around the cemetery. There is also a legend that death will follow those who touch the mysterious black statue, making Oakland Cemetery one of the most haunted places in Iowa.

Edinburgh Manor

Edinburgh Manor is one of the most haunted places to visit in Iowa. Initially, this property was designed as a courthouse; however, it was redone during the mid-1800s. When the building was renovated, it became a house for poor and disabled farmers. As you know, farming was a dangerous task back then, so numerous deaths and accidents occurred on the property. As a result, they built a cemetery on the property where about 80 farmers were buried.

In 1910, they demolished the house and turned it into the Edinburgh Manor. This new building became the house of the elderly and those with mental illnesses. Unfortunately, the operations in the building stopped in 2010.

Today, the Edinburgh Manor is open for tourist who wants to join guided ghost tours. You can also stay overnight; however, you have to know that a spirit named “The Joker” is actively haunting this place and, as suggested by his nickname, he likes to play tricks on people. According to reports, this spirit can also be violent.

Franklin Hotel

Finally, the last on this list of most haunted places to visit in Iowa is the Franklin Hotel. Since it was built in the 1900s, this Victorian Hotel has accommodated a lot of tourists. However, some people have claimed that they noticed the presence of two ghosts in this establishment.

The first ghost is a woman named Lily. According to stories, she is seen wearing a lavender gown. Some visitors have heard her sing or moan, while others noticed her walking in the lobby. Lily also supposedly moves various pieces of furniture according to her liking.

The second ghost is a man named Leo, and he used to be the merchant who ran the hotel’s laundry. Some visitors have reported that Leo’s ghost rings the old bell message system of the hotel.

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