The Most Haunted Places to Visit in Kentucky

Kentucky is a great place you can visit for anyone who loves a good adventure. The reason is that it offers a lot of outdoor adventures. However, this tourist destination is also a good choice if you’re looking for some spine-chilling action. To be specific, this state also has several spooky attractions that will surely test your courage. So, what are the most haunted places in Kentucky?

Camp Taylor – Louisville

Camp Taylor was a military camp built in 1917. During World War I, this camp was used to train soldiers who would be deployed to Europe. When the influenza outbreak occurred, hundreds of soldiers died. After the war, the camp’s neighbors started noticing unusual events.

Some people reported seeing marching armies in Camp Taylor, while others heard cannonfire. Some people reported seeing a woman wearing a blue dress wandering the streets.

Octagon Hall – Franklin County

One of the most haunted places in Kentucky is Octagon Hall. In fact, this tourist attraction has about 5,000 visitors per year since, in 2001, this building was converted into a museum.

As mentioned, a lot of people visit Octagon Hall every year. The reason is not only because of its historical significance. This building is also said to be haunted by Civil War soldiers. Aside from that, the ghost of a little girl is also seen wandering around the building. According to reports, her name is Mary Elizabeth, and she was a victim of a laundry fire.

Nada Tunnel – Powell County


Aside from those haunted places, another popular attraction for paranormal enthusiasts is the Nada Tunnel. It is a one-lane tunnel with several supposed spirits lingering in the area.

As the story goes, a worker died in this place when he was ripping through the limestone. According to the reports, the man died while trying to dissolve a piece of frozen dynamite. From there, he has haunted the tunnel. Some reports also stated that a climber died in this area, and he is also said to be haunting the place.

All these incidents are linked to the myth about a green orb appearing in front of the tunnel. So, if you’re planning to visit this haunted tunnel, you have to remember that it can only accommodate one vehicle. As such, you need to check if the tunnel is clear before going inside.

Sleepy Hollow Road – Prospect

The last on this list of haunted places in Kentucky is the Sleepy Hollow Road. During the day, this road offers a beautiful view; however, sinister events supposedly happen at night. To be specific, this road has two haunted areas, the Cry Baby Bridge and the Devil’s Point.

According to reports, the Cry Baby Bridge is where women discard their unwanted babies, and you will hear the babies cry when passing this bridge. The Devil’s Point, on the other hand, was a place for satanic rituals during the 1970s and 80s, and people have noticed figures wearing black robes in this area.

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