The Most Haunted Places You can Spend the Night At in Savannah, Georgia

Adventurers seeking a spine-chilling experience should visit Savannah, Georgia. In fact, anyone I know who has ever been to Savannah continually tells me it’s one of the best paranormal hot spots. In fact, this town is known for its ghost tours and other paranormal activities. Aside from that, you can also stay in one of the haunted hotels for a more thrilling experience. So, what are the most haunted places you can spend the night at in Savannah, Georgia?

Eliza Thompson House

The Eliza Thompson House is a beautiful house in Savannah. It used to be the home of Joseph and Eliza Thompson, along with their seven kids, for many years. Today, this house is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Savannah.

According to several reports, guests of the inn witnessed the apparition of a soldier in the windows. Aside from that, they also saw a woman wearing a white dress wandering the halls of the inn. Some also reported that they felt someone or something sitting on the corner of the bed. Lastly, some guests also heard children laughing around the property. These occurrences have put the Eliza Thompson House on our list of most haunted places in Savannah.

Hamilton-Turner Inn


The Hamilton-Turner Inn is one of the most haunted places you can spend the night at in Savannah, Georgia. To be specific, a lot of people believe that this luxurious inn has several spirits roaming about. One, in particular, is the ghost of a child who accidentally fell off the upper story. According to the guests, they hear footsteps near their beds and see billiard balls rolling. These paranormal events were supposedly manifested by the child’s spirit.

East Bay Inn

Aside from those inns, another paranormally active hotel in Savannah is the East Bay Inn. This establishment was built during the Civil War, and it was transformed into an inn in the 1980s.

According to the hotel staff, East Bay Inn has a resident ghost named “Charlie,” and he is seen walking the halls of the inn. Aside from that, guests have also reported hearing footsteps at night. Also, many claim that their doorknob gets jiggled by someone they can’t see.

Marshall House


The Marshall House is the last on this list of haunted places you can spend the night at in Savannah, Georgia. This establishment’s reputation as being haunted is because it was used as a hospital for decades. Generally, with the amount of deaths associated with hospitals, most get the reputation of begin haunted. As such, numerous deaths have occurred in this inn, and many spirits are said to still be lingering in the place. According to the guests, they heard children running in the halls. They’ve also noticed shadow figures in the building. Lastly, they also noticed that the faucets turn on and off by unseen forces.

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