The Most Haunted Places You Can Visit in Virginia

When it comes to the best historic destinations in the United States, Virginia is on the top of the list. From one of the 13 colonies to the home of many of our early presidents to the home of Pocahontas, Virginia has seen a lot of historical footprints. Remember, this state is known as the battleground of the Civil War. Unfortunately, its rich history also brings an eerie effect. To be specific, Virginia is also one of the spookiest places you can visit. There are ghost stories and legends abound! So, what are the most haunted places you can visit in Virginia?

The Martha Hotel and Spa – Abingdon

The Martha Hotel and Spa is a popular hotel in Abingdon. The reason is not just due to its satisfactory service. To be specific, this establishment is known for its paranormal activity, such as reappearing bloodstains and the Phantom Horse. As you may know, this building used to be a hospital for soldiers during the Civil War. Unfortunately, many of the wounded soldiers who were brought here have never returned home. Instead, their spirits remain in the building, making their presence known as often as possible.

Hollywood Cemetery – Richmond


One of the most haunted places you can visit in Virginia is the Hollywood Cemetery. As you know, most cemeteries are creepy. However, this place is special because of the strange occurrences reported by the locals.

Hollywood Cemetery has several important residents. For one, two US presidents were laid to rest here. Aside from that, 25 Civil War generals and 18,000 Confederate soldiers are also resting here. According to legends, those who are buried in this cemetery are not resting in peace. Instead, they were lingering around the cemetery grounds at night, preying on unsuspecting visitors. There’s even a local legend of a vampire that walks Hollywood Cemetery at night.

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum – Alexandria

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum is the site of several mysteries in the history of Virginia. For example, a young woman traveled to Alexandria along with her husband in 1816. According to reports, the woman contracted a disease while on the road, prompting them to seek rehabilitation at the Gadsby’s Tavern. Unfortunately, the woman’s health deteriorated quickly in the inn. On her deathbed, the dying woman made all the people who took care of her swear to never reveal her identity. Until today, no one knows who the mysterious woman is, but her spirit is supposedly haunting the establishment.

The Exchange Hotel – Gordonsville


Finally, the last on this list of the most haunted places you can visit in Virginia is The Exchange Hotel. This establishment was built in 1860, offering accommodations to worn-out passengers. Unfortunately, the hotel was converted into a hospital when the Civil War started. By the end of the way, about 700 people were buried in the ground of the hotel. Today, The Exchange Hotel is a Civil War Museum; however, you may hear some cries and moans from the soldier when touring this place.

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