The Most Legendary Castles to Visit in Eastern Europe

Castles represent a vital part of the culture and heritage of Europe. Remember, these buildings used to be the homes of the rich and noble, of kings, emperors, and popes. Plus, the technology used to build these great structures can reflect a significant progress of civilization. Today, millions of travelers are attracted to these beautiful buildings. And it’s easy to see why! Fortunately, the number of castles you can visit is extensive. So, what are some of the most legendary castles in Eastern Europe?

Bojnice Castle (Slovakia)


Bojnice is a medieval castle situated on a hill in Slovakia. It has the perfect location because you can overlook the nearby town from there. What served as a defensive measure in medieval times (building a castle on a hill) now provides us with glorious views. Aside from its excellent location, this castle also has a stunning exterior. To be specific, its design is based on Romantic architecture. For this reason, it is often a setting for fairytale and fantasy movies.

When you go inside Bojnice Castle, you will be greeted by a grand collection of artwork. Plus, the exterior has an elegant design that will surely make you feel like royalty. If you’re planning to explore this castle, it is recommended to visit it at night., That way, you can explore its magnificent halls and rooms by candlelight.

Bran Castle (Romania)


One of the most legendary castles in Eastern Europe is Bran Castle. After all, it is popularly known as the home of the famous vampire, Dracula. When you enter the vicinity of this building, you will feel like you’re in a storybook due to its stunning view. To be specific, Bran Castle is situated in the heart of a mountain range where you’ll have the perfect view of the Transylvanian forest.

Even though you can visit Bran Castle any time of the year, it is recommended to travel to this place during Halloween. The reason is that an annual party is held in this castle. Plus, you’ll be able to explore the spooky interior of the building at an appropriately thematic time.

Prague Castle (Czech Republic)


Another must-see castle when you’re visiting Eastern Europe is the Prague Castle in the Czech Republic. For centuries, this huge building has been home to various presidents, emperors, and kings because of its grand design. To be specific, this building looks like a castle described in fairytales, thanks to its idyllic scenery and ornate architecture.

Moszna Castle (Poland)

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, one of the most legendary castles in Eastern Europe you should visit is the Moszna Castle. To be specific, this structure is a pretty close lookalike of Hogwarts. In fact, travelers will surely fall in love with its whimsical accents and dramatic towers. Plus, it is located on a beautiful estate where you can have a picnic with your family or friends.

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