The Most Legendary Castles You Have to Visit in Ireland

Ireland is popular for its rolling green hills, delightful people, gorgeous natural sights, and its centuries-old castles. In fact, when you travel to this country, you may be overwhelmed by the number of castles you can visit, ranging from the Norman and Viking periods to the invasion of the English people. I mean, when I think of castles, the first place I think of is Ireland, after all. As such, it is not surprising that you can find legendary castles with fascinating tales in this place. After all, this European country is known for its different myths and legends. So, what are the most legendary castles in Ireland?

Blarney Castle


Blarney Castle is situated in Country Cork, and it is one of the most popular castles in Ireland. The reason is due to the legend of the Blarney Stone.

As the legend goes, the Blarney stone will give you the “gift of eloquence” if you can kiss it while upside down. Some of you may think that this task is easy; however, this mythical stone is located at the top of the castle. As such, this task is not for those afraid of heights. Still, numerous public figures and world leaders, including Winston Churchill, have tried to do this risky task.

Kissing the Blarney Stone

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One of the most legendary castles in Ireland is Charlesfort. Its popularity is probably because of the tragic love story associated with this place. To be specific, this castle is supposedly haunted by a lady in white.

According to the locals, the lady in white is a woman who killed herself after her husband was killed on their wedding night. Reports state that her husband’s killer was her father, and he also killed himself after losing his child.

Throughout the years, a lot of people, mostly children, have reported seeing the lady of Charlesfort. According to them, the ghost is friendly.

Kilkenny Castle


Another haunted castle on this list of the most legendary castles in Ireland is the Kilkenny Castle. To be specific, numerous tragic events have occurred in this place. For instance, about 16 people died in this castle when John’s Bridge collapsed due to the flood in 1763. Since then, a lot of the castle’s visitors have insisted that they have seen ghosts in this place.

The Parade Tower of Kilkenny Castle was used as a dungeon, and many prisoners died in this place. As a result, there have been reports of paranormal activity in this place. To be specific, some people reported that the electronic counter continued to count visitors even when the tower was closed.

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