The Story of Robert the Doll, One of the Most Cursed Artifacts that Exists Today

As you know, there are numerous famed cursed artifacts scattered around the world. Many people believe that the mysterious objects bring misfortune to their owners. Robert the Doll is, perhaps, one of the most cursed artifacts that exists today. He is most definitely one of the most infamous, at least. People who have encountered this sailor boy have experienced unfortunate events. To give you a better view, here is the spine-chilling story of Robert the doll.

Robert and His Owner Otto

The story of Robert the Doll started when he was given as a birthday present to Robert Eugene Otto, a prominent member of the Key West family. Otto’s relationship with his doll continued until adulthood. According to the people who knew Otto, he would bring the toy everywhere and talk about it in the first person like the doll was a living entity.

According to the stories, Otto would blame Robert the doll when mishaps happened throughout his childhood years. Most people would probably push these happenings aside, considering it normal child-like behavior. However, the adults in Otto’s life also noticed odd occurrences, especially when Otto and his doll grew older.

When Otto became an adult, he returned to his family’s state home in Key West and named it “The Artist House.” In the house, Robert the doll was usually seen looking out the upstairs window. School children passing by the place swore that they noticed Robert the doll disappearing and appearing in the window.

Eventually, Otto died in 1974. After two years, his wife also passed away. Afterwards, the house was sold to Myrtle Reuter, and she became the new caretaker of Robert the doll. During her stay in the house, Myrtle noticed several strange occurrences. Aside from that, her guests also reported hearing footsteps and giggling in the attic, where Robert was kept. Some people noticed that Robert the doll would change his expression whenever someone badmouthed Otto. After 20 years, Myrtle decided to donate Robert the doll to the East Martello Museum.

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The East Martello Museum

The story of Robert the doll had a turning point when he arrived at the museum. To be specific, tourists from different places went to the museum to get a glimpse of the mischievous toy. After all, many people believed that Robert was associated with numerous unfortunate events, such as broken bones, car accidents, divorce, job loss, and other misfortunes. Some visitors of the museum also claimed they experienced “post-visit misfortunes” after they failed to respect Robert.

From there, Robert the doll became a popular artifact. Many tourists would join ghost tours to see him. Aside from that, he also appeared in various TV shows and films. He even inspired a horror movie. Next to Annabelle, Robert just may be the most infamous cursed doll.

All in all, many people consider Robert the doll one of the most cursed artifacts that exist today. The reason is due to his supposed supernatural abilities and other unfortunate events associated with him. However, Cori Convertito, a curator of the East Martello Museum, stated that she never felt strange or uncomfortable being around Robert at all. If you’d like to put together your own opinions on Robert, be sure to visit him at the East Martello Museum. But remember, visit at your own risk.

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