The Strange Landmarks of Prague And What They Symbolize

Prague, the enchanting capital city of the Czech Republic, is a treasure trove of history, culture, and architectural wonders. Of course, it’s also one of the best places to visit as a young adult — from bustling bars to affordable accommodations, you won’t be let down by this capital city. However, what would a trip to Prague be without the mandatory visit to its iconic landmarks? And there are so many to choose from! So, to help you with a seamless exploration, here are some of the best landmarks of Prague that you shouldn’t miss out on.

The Astronomical Clock


If you’ve done any research on this gorgeous city, you probably already know that there is an Astronomical Clock standing tall in the heart of Prague’s Old Town Square. But why exactly? Well, this symbol of medieval engineering has a long and fascinating history. Dating back to the 15th century, this intricate timepiece not only shows you the time but also reminds us constantly of the fleeting nature of life. The clock’s elaborate design, with its moving figures and celestial motifs, reflects the medieval belief in the interconnectedness of time and mortality, urging viewers to contemplate the passage of time and the inevitability of death.

The Dancing House

The Dancing House is another iconic symbol of Prague that proves the architectural genius of this city steeped in history. This unconventional structure was designed by renowned architects Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić. Its twisting, fluid design symbolizes the dynamic interplay between order and chaos, tradition and innovation. The Dancing House stands as a testament to the beauty of embracing diversity and finding harmony amidst chaos. But it also adds a modern and contemporary flair to Prague’s architectural landscape.

The Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall is a colorful representation of artistic disobedience and freedom of expression. You can find it tucked away among Malá Strana’s winding streets. Originally a hub for anonymous political protest in the Soviet era, the wall has evolved into a rainbow of colors and phrases motivated by the peace and love principles that John Lennon and the Beatles advocated. The Lennon Wall invites visitors to make their mark and add to a heritage of artistic disobedience and cultural freedom. It reflects the ongoing spirit of resistance and creative expression. Not only in Prague, but also in the whole world.

The Infant Jesus of Prague


A symbol of hope, healing, and divine intervention, the famous statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague is nestled within the Church of Our Lady Victorious. This amazing figure, decked up in jewels and majestic robes, is said to bestow blessings and miracles upon people who seek comfort in its company. The statue is a beloved figure of divine mercy and intercession in the center of Prague. Its kind look represents faith, compassion, and the enduring force of spiritual devotion. So if you’re on a journey to reconnect with your spirituality, this is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

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