The Strangest Museums You’ve Never Heard Of

There’s nothing I love to do more while traveling than exploring museums. Except maybe the occasional travel shopping haul. However, each time I visit a new museum, I just feel like a child again. Suddenly, I’m reminded that there’s still so much to explore and see in the world. And museums don’t have to be boring either! There are so many unusual ones out there that would fascinate even travelers who have no interest in art and history. To prove that, I’ve made a list of the strangest museums you’ve probably never heard of.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum


Located in Reykjavik, Iceland, the Icelandic Phallological Museum is a one-of-a-kind institution dedicated to the study and exhibition of penises from various mammals. Yes, you’ve read that right – penises. And we’re talking about all kinds of shapes, sizes, and even colors. From the massive phallus of a sperm whale to the modest glory of a hamster, visitors can explore a diverse collection of phallic specimens preserved in jars. While this may seem like a weird topic to explore, it also gives you a quirky yet educational look at the animal kingdom.

The Museum of Bad Art

If you’re tired of conventional art museums and feel like you never quite understand what the artist is trying to express, we have a solution for you. The Museum of Bad Art in Massachusetts, USA, gives you a refreshing take on exploring artworks without the pressure of actually liking any of them. Honestly, the whole purpose of the art displayed here is to make you chuckle, and not think. The curated collection of hilariously bad paintings and sculptures will make you feel like the drawings your mother displayed on the fridge maybe even weren’t all that bad.

The Dog Collar Museum


If you’re a dog-obsessed person like I am, then you’ll absolutely enjoy the Dog Collar Museum in Kent, England. This unique exhibition offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of canine fashion and function. It houses a diverse array of historic dog collars, ranging from ornate Victorian designs to practical working collars used for specific tasks. Dog lovers and history enthusiasts alike can appreciate the craftsmanship and evolution of these essential accessories for our beloved four-legged companions.

The Museum of Broken Relationships

If you’re more about learning about human emotions and behaviors, then you would probably enjoy the Museum of Broken Relationships that’s nestled in Zagreb, Croatia. Even though this unique exhibition isn’t particularly near the gorgeous Croatian coastline, it’s still worth a visit if you ever find yourself near Zagreb. Through a collection of objects donated by individuals from around the world, each with a story of heartbreak and loss attached, this museum explores the universal experience of love and its end. Even though it sounds sad, it can actually be a beautiful thing to witness and learn more about. You will get the chance to reflect on your past relationships, but also the enduring impact of shared memories.

Kanita is a wanderlust-fueled traveler with an inclination for unraveling the mysteries of history, the paranormal, and the bizarre world of medicine. As a true crime buff, Kanita's nights are often spent delving into the depths of chilling mysteries. Yet, it's not just the paranormal that captivates her—her background in medicine fuels a fascination with the weird and wonderful world of medical oddities, from twisted historical practices to the myths and legends that shroud the field. From exploring haunted locales to uncovering the strange and morbid tales of medical history, Kanita is your guide to the unconventional, the unexplained, and the downright eerie.

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