The Strangest Places to Visit in Africa

Africa is known for its stunning wildlife and magnificent landscapes. When one thinks of traveling to Africa, a safari is likely one of the first things on their mind. However, there is more to Africa than just wildlife excursions. Aside from that, you can also visit strange tourist destinations if you’re looking for an experience to remember. After all, we specialize in the strange here. Despite being peculiar, these places feature a remarkable view that will surely amaze you. So, what are the strangest places to visit in Africa?

The Seven-Colored Earth – Mauritius


A world-famous tourist destination in Mauritius is The Seven-Colored Earth. As its name implies, the sand in this place has seven colors, which is proof that brown is not the only color to dirt. To explain further, these dunes were created due to rare volcanic activity that brought different elements together, and each one has its own color. As such, you will surely be mesmerized by the natural beauty of this world-renowned tourist destination.

Lake Natron – Tanzania


One of the strangest places to visit in Africa is Lake Natron, which borders Kenya and Tanzania. A peculiar feature of this lake is its red color, which resembles a bloody scene from a movie. Aside from that, this lake is also considered one of the deadliest lakes in the world. The reason is due to its high salt contents, which were leaked by a volcano near its shore. In fact, the ancient Egyptians used the water in this lake to mummify the dead. Also, this body of water contains poisonous algae. As such, it is prohibited to submerge your body in this lake. Still, you can enjoy its natural beauty from afar.

The Giant Blue Eye – Mauritania

Another strange yet amazing place in Africa is The Giant Blue Eye. To be specific, this tourist destination features a spectacular formation that looks like a blue eye in the Sahara Dessert. For years, this magnificent eye has sparked a lot of scientific inquiries; however, the origin of this formation is still a mystery today. Most of what is known about the location is that it is a ‘peculiar geological formation.’ Despite its mysterious origin, this place has inspired and intrigued many people.

The Church of Saint George – Ethiopia


The last on this list of strangest places to visit in Africa is The Church of Saint George. It is the most famous rock-hewn church in Lalibela, a village in Ethiopia. Unlike typical churches, this structure is built below the ground. Aside from that, it also has excellent architectural and engineering features, like its flat cross roof, that will surely amaze you. Because of its unique characteristics, it is not surprising that this place of worship is considered a national monument.

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