The Strangest Sights to See in Austin, Texas

Austin is known for its creative culture. After all, it has a lot of unique attractions, world-class museums, and live music. Aside from that, this city also has a reputation for being quirky. In fact, there are numerous weird things to do in this tourist destination. To give you a better view, here are some of the strangest sights in Austin, Texas.


The HOPE Outdoor Gallery or the Baylor Street Art Wall is a fun place you can visit if you love art. It all started when the HOPE Campaign decided to establish a place local artists could use as a creative outlet. From time to time, the locals would bring a can of spray paint to create beautiful artwork. Eventually, every inch of the wall was covered with magnificent street art. Unfortunately, only professional artists are allowed to draw artwork on the wall. Still, the HOPE Outdoor Gallery is a picture-perfect destination you can visit to take Instagramable travel photos at.

Cathedral of Junk

The Cathedral of Junk is one of the strangest sights in Austin, Texas. As its name implies, it is a shrine made up of people’s unwanted items. When Vince Hannemann was 20 years old, he started building the cathedral. At first, he collected junk in his neighborhood. After some time, people started providing him with their unwanted goods.


Even though several of Vance’s neighbors have filed complaints, the construction of the Cathedral of Junk continued. Additionally, many city engineers tried to find weak spots in the structure; however, they realized that it was solid and safe. Today, you can visit this mesmerizing shrine in Austin, Texas, but appointments are necessary.

Casa Neverlandia

Casa Neverlandia is a three-story house filled with various architectural designs inspired by fairytales. James Talbot is the owner and creator of this amazing building. He designed the place focusing on creating environments for children, like music centers and playscapes. As such, some of the popular features of his home include a record-clad music room, a Rumford fireplace, and multiple fire poles. You can tour this one-of-a-kind house by booking an appointment with James Talbot.

Uncommon Objects

Of course, your trip to Austin is not complete without buying weird but wonderful souvenirs. Fortunately, there is an interesting place you can visit to do so. To be specific, Uncommon Objects is the last in this list of strangest sights in Austin, Texas. It is a maze-like store filled with strange yet fascinating items, including skulls, old toys, beautiful jewelry, and various sports memorabilia.

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