The Strangest Traditions that Exist Around the World

The world is a diverse place, thanks to the different cultures and traditions of the people living on this planet. That’s what makes this floating rock so fascinating. In fact, each country has cultures and traditions that make them unique, and this uniqueness is what attracts travelers. After all, what seems normal to us may be incredibly strange to other countries. However, there are some countries with traditions that seem more bizarre than others. Some of you may find these practices appealing, while others won’t. So what are the strangest traditions that exist around the world?

1. La Tomatina – Spain


Spain is one of the countries with some of the most interesting cultures and traditions. Most of them are enjoyable, like the siestas. However, this country also has a peculiar tradition that stands out, and it is called La Tomatina. This tradition involves throwing tomatoes. To be specific, it is like a snowball fight… except it’s done with tomatoes. You heard right- the difference is that people are throwing tomatoes instead of snow. In the end, people are covered in tomato juice, and it resembles a bloody scene from a horror movie.

2. Thaipusam – South East Asia

One of the strangest traditions that exists around the world is the festival of Thaipusam, which is usually celebrated in Southern India and in some parts of South East Asia. This event observes the awesome victory of Lord Murugan. The bizarre thing is that the devotees would pierce their bodies while going into a trance. Some people would even go further by hooking a car into their back and pulling it.

3. Monkey Buffet Festival – Thailand


Another weird tradition is the Monkey Buffet Festival. This tradition involves making a lavish buffet. However, this feast is not for humans. Instead, the buffet is served to the macaques or monkeys that are believed to bring good luck. Aside from the food, this celebration also includes dance performances wherein the dancers wear monkey costumes.

4. Toddler Tossing – India

Aside from those weird traditions, another strange practice is celebrated in India. To be specific, this tradition involves throwing newborn babies for good luck. The scary part is that the baby is thrown from a 15 to 30-feet high temple. However, the babies are caught by their families using a blanket, so it is still relatively safe. Even so, a lot of people think that this practice is traumatic for the baby; thus, it was banned in 2011.

All in all, these are some of the strangest traditions that exist around the world. As presented, most of these celebrations are a bit peculiar. Even so, these practices are the reason the world is a unique place. In the end, we have to respect these traditions even though most of us find them weird or strange. Having respect and admiration for the world is one of the most important traits any traveler can have.

Maria Dolores Garcia

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