The Terrifying Mummies of Guanajuato

When I was visiting Guanajuato, my friend told me that I had to see the mummy museum. I wasn’t a bit concerned; after all, I had been to the Catacombs of Paris. This was no where near as many dead bodies as I saw there. However, when we got to the mummy museum, I was shocked at the bodies they had on display. I wasn’t expecting it to be anything like it was. I guess it makes sense that this would be a pretty terrifying place, as there have been many horror films created about the mummies of Guanajuato. Still, when there’s still flesh left on the bones, it’s much harder to look at.

mummies-of-guanajuato-mommias-de-guanajuato-scary-mummies-real-mummies (1)

The mummies of Guanajuato go back to a cholera outbreak in the 1830s. After some time, a burial tax was decided upon, and those families that could not pay the tax would have their ancestral bodies dug up. To the surprise of those pulling the bodies from the ground, the corpses had been naturally mummified. Rumors say that people began bribing the workers to see the bodies, and, over time, the mummy museum was born.

mummies-of-guanajuato-mommias-de-guanajuato-scary-mummies-real-mummies (1)

The reason that these mummies are different than the mummies that you might be used to is that the bodies are almost all together and somewhat, though not fully, preserved. As I said, there have been monster movies made about these bodies based on the terrifying look many of them have on their faces. Rumors came around that the bodies that didn’t have horrified faces were distorted to make them scarier, which would bring in more tourists. There are babies, women, men, those who died tragically, and even a mummified fetus on display for the public to see. It’s not for the weak of constitution, but it is fascinating.  For those who don’t want to see them in person but are curious as to what these mummies look like, I figure I’d save you the trip and post the photos below. I hope you have pleasant dreams tonight!

mummies-of-guanajuato-mommias-de-guanajuato-scary-mummies-real-mummies (1)

Now, if you’re really interested in the Mummies of Guanajuato, read my full, in-depth update on them from January 2022. Scientists have been studying the bodies and have come up with new theories as to why they are the way they are… and it’s disturbing to stay the least. Read more HERE! This new articles contains a plethora of information on the mummies as well as much better photos taken on new camera technology! You definitely have to see this to believe it! So, what are you waiting for? Read all about the mummies!

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