The Ultimate Guide to Traveling to South America: Where to Go and What to Do

South America has been a top tourist destination because it can offer many attractions and activities. For instance, historians and environmentalists alike will enjoy exploring well-preserved scenery and historic sites. Aside from that, the continent offers numerous activities for adventure travelers. Those who like to shop can also visit the colorful markets of the region. Of course, your taste buds will also enjoy the different traditional dishes of the various countries on the continent. So, what are the best activities to do when traveling to South America?

Enjoy the Magnificent Views of Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls is considered “one of the world’s greatest natural phenomena” because of its 275 cascades. In fact, many tourists who visited this popular destination were amazed by its awe-inspiring beauty. The best part is that the waterfalls are surrounded by a tropical rainforest frequented by different animals, including mammals and indigenous birds.

You can reach Iguazu Falls by visiting Puerto Iguazú (Argentina) or Foz Do Iguaçu (Brazil). You may need to walk some trails if you’re going from Argentina; however, you can have a closer look at the waterfalls. On the other hand, the Brazilian side can give you panoramic views of Iguazu Falls.

Visit El Perito Moreno Glacier


One of the best activities to do in South America is to visit El Perito Moreno Glacier. It is a gigantic ice slab situated above Lago Argentino. A great feature of this tourist attraction is its beautiful blue color. Aside from that, the glacier is constantly moving. As such, you may witness a huge lump of ice falling into lake Lago Argentino, which is a thrilling and remarkable experience.

You have to walk several boardwalks to visit El Perito Moreno Glacier. Even so, you can view different angles of this massive ice slab. Aside from walking, you can also visit the site through unusual means, including boating and kayaking. Some adventure travelers can also try ice trekking to explore this magnificent ice age relic.

3. Trek the Amazon Rainforest


Of course, this list of the best activities to do in South America is not complete without mentioning the Amazon Rainforest. As you know, this tourist attraction is considered the “world’s largest rainforest.” As such, you can do a lot of activities in the area, especially if you explore it on foot. Plus, you can also see rare plants and animals, including jaguars and pink river dolphins.

The Amazon Rainforest has several entry points, specifically in Iquitos (Peru), Coca (Ecuador), Manaus (Brazil), and Rurrenabaque (Bolivia). Whichever country you choose, you will definitely have fun exploring this huge rainforest. The best part about traveling to South America here is that numerous jungle lodges are situated in the depths of the area, ready to accommodate you when you’re tired and sleepy.

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