The Weird World of Live TV: The Strangest Things Ever Captured 

We live in the era of internet livestreams. People all around the world are broadcasting their days. And the interesting part? Others watch it gladly. But only a few years back, it was live television that kept us on our toes and gave us the unpredictability and unscripted drama that we needed. And oh boy, has there been some bizarre stuff. But due to the fact that now there’s a new scandal every day, most of these moments have been forgotten. So, let’s take a moment to remember the weird world of live TV as we cover some of the strangest things ever captured.


The Mysterious Alien Message

In 1977, during a live broadcast of the BBC’s “Southern Television” news program in the United Kingdom, viewers were stunned by the sudden intrusion of an eerie and enigmatic message. As newsreader Andrew Gardner delivered the evening headlines, the broadcast was interrupted by a mysterious voice claiming to be an extraterrestrial being. The voice delivered a cryptic message warning of humanity’s destructive tendencies, leaving both the news team and viewers baffled and intrigued. The whole thing lasted for over six minutes! Of course, the channel apologized claiming that everything was a hoax. However, to this day, this incident has never been fully resolved.


The Unruly Guest

Live talk shows are no stranger to unexpected guests, but few incidents rival the chaos that ensued during a 1988 episode of “The Morton Downey Jr. Show.” As host Morton Downey Jr. engaged in a heated debate with his guests, a member of the audience approached the stage and proceeded to throw a chair at Downey. The volatile confrontation escalated into a full-blown brawl, with security personnel rushing to restore order. The shocking spectacle captivated viewers and solidified Downey’s reputation as the “father of trash TV.”

The Haunted China Doll


I’m terrified of possibly haunted dolls, and this story is the perfect example for why that is. Back in 2017, a couple was interviewed about a possibly haunted china doll that they thrifted. To be honest, just the way that the doll looked made me believe that it was 100% true. However, it there were also some receipts. The husband was covered in scratches, and the fire alarm in their house would constantly go off. And to top it all off, the creepy dolly started randomly rocking in its chair during the interview. Weird, huh? The couple decided to get rid of the doll. However, she would be back on the show only a couple of weeks later. But this time with a new owner.

Gary Stollman

Last but not least, one that absolutely shocked me. Back in 1987, in the middle of a KNBC broadcast, an intruder named Gary Stollman pointed a gun at the back of reporter David Horowitz forcing him to read a statement. The statement was basically a collection of Stollman’s paranoid ideas, one involving his father being cloned by the CIA. The reporter was able to keep his cool and read the statement. In the end, it was made clear that the gun was a bb-firing replica. Luckily, no one got harmed.

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