The Weirdest (And Funniest) Euro Summer Stories From Reddit

Euro Summer is almost here, and I truly believe that there is no better way to spend your summer vacation days than roaming around gorgeous cities in Europe. However, realistically speaking, Europe is nowhere as romantic as we make it out to be. And neither are our Euro Summer trips. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t teach us something! In this article, I’ve rounded up some of the weirdest, funniest, and most memorable Euro summer travel stories shared by Reddit users, revealing the unpredictable, often hilarious nature of travel.

Danish for Dummies

Vacation with my grandmother and siblings in Denmark when I was 10-11. We had rented a room in a hotel near a beach, and all was nice, good weather, fun bathing et cetera.

Then one day, my grandma gave me some money to buy some candy. I went to a store, got some candy, and… It happened.

The cashier told me what to pay. “Trehalvfjersfirogsivesuttitolv” or something like that. I froze, and all I could do was say “Va?”. The cashier looked at me angrily and said “Va!!!” in a mocking way, followed by some gibberish.

I managed to pay somehow, maybe even the right ammount. But that was the day I learnt that there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark, and that it is the Danish language.

User: competitivesleeping

From Paris to Parenthood

On my first trip to Europe, I went to Paris which had been a lifelong dream. I had put off trying to adopt a child because I felt like I needed more time pursuing living for me. On my last night in Paris, I had dinner at a place in the Eiffel Tower, and it was just stupendous. While I was there enjoying the views of the city at nighttime, it hit me that I was now ready. Came home, called the local foster care agency and their classes were starting that night. On my 2nd trip to Paris, I was able to bring my child.

User: 1dad1kid


No Money, No Key

Worst travel story so far is getting stranded in Rome with no place to stay. We booked an apartment through booking (which i always use and never had a problem) and as we get off the metro and are about 3 minutes away from the apartment, the host sends me a message saying she couldn’t wait for us. I explained we were 3 minutes away and she continued to say that she needed to go and that she left the key with a guy from a nearby pizzeria. She then proceeded to ask me for my credit card information and picture of passport in order to allow the guy to give us the key. As I explained I was not doing that she said she didnt know me and couldn’t give me the key so I responded letting her know I didn’t know her and I wasn’t giving my information. She called me about 20 times after and last message she sent was “no money, no key”. I proceeded to ignore her and call booking to cancel the reservation. It was the most sketchy thing ever. My husband and I literally had to book the first thing available. I now laugh about it, but I was furious then. 😂

User: pm-me-your-pastries

A Honeymoon Mishap

Honeymoon- we were going from Italy to Switzerland on train. Sitting on the train and we realized we didn’t validate the tickets. I ran off to validate the tickets and the train door closed behind me. My wife was on the train with luggage and the passports. I had the tickets. It all worked out in the end… and we’re still married!!

User: mikeypoopypants

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