The Weirdest Aquatic Creatures that Exist Around the World

As you know, there is an enormous number of animals around the world, and some of them are not quite as adorable as others. In fact, there are plenty of animals out there- both on land and on sea- that are either unsettling or just plain weird to us. Even more so, we know so little about what lies underneath the ocean that many of the aquatic creatures that exist in our world oceans appear strange or unusual to us. To give you a better view, here are some of the weirdest aquatic creatures that exist around the world.



The tardigrade, also known as ‘moss piglet’ or ‘water bear’, is a microscopic creature with eight legs. It can be found in numerous bodies of water, mud volcanoes, deserts, and rainforests. Although it has a tiny size, it is indestructible. In fact, it can live in high temperatures, specifically 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Aside from that, it can also tolerate high pressure and radiation levels. Also, it can live without food for 30 years and no water for ten years. Because of these characteristics, the tardigrade is considered a microscopic beast that can survive the death of the planet.

Sea Sponge

One of the weirdest aquatic creatures that exists around the world is the sponge. It is a marine animal that resembles a plant, and it looks like, well, a household sponge. A feature that makes this creature strange is that it doesn’t have internal organs and systems. Instead, it is made of unspecialized cells with pores and channels. Fortunately, the ocean’s currents help bring food and oxygen, allowing it to live a complex life.


Many people are familiar with the platypus. In fact, when Europeans first encountered this creature, they thought it was fake. After all, it has unusual characteristics. For instance, it is a mammal that can lay eggs. It also has a bill, webbed feed, and tail. Plus, its fur can glow under dark or black light. In the U.S., only the San Diego Zoo features the platypus. Other zoos that have this strange creature are the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and Taronga Zoo in Australia.

Hairy Frog Fish


The hairy frog is another fascinating yet strange creature. As you know, fur and hair are typical features of mammals, not amphibians. However, the hairy frog is an exception. Another weird feature of this animal is its retractable claws, which are made of bones. This creature is found in various places in Africa, including Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroon, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

All in all, these are some of the weirdest aquatic creatures that exist around the world. Always remember that these creatures may have a weird appearance. But, their unusual characteristics make this planet an interesting and exciting place. As such, we should take care of them like all the other animals in the world.

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