The Weirdest Attractions to See in Wyoming

Wyoming is a beautiful place you can visit and explore. It has breathtaking hikes and unbelievable scenery. Aside from its amazing landscapes, the cowboy state also has some peculiar yet fascinating attractions. As you know, weird places can be intriguing, and they can lead to a memorable trip. So, here are the weirdest attractions to see in Wyoming.

Fossil Cabin


Considered by Ripley’s Believe It or Not as the “oldest cabin in the world,” the Fossil Cabin is an unusual yet interesting place you can visit in Wyoming. At first glance, you may think that this house is ordinary. However, it has a unique feature. This building was made with bones, about 26,000 dinosaur bones to be exact. So, you can visit this place if you want to see an excellent work of art made from a confusingly weird material.

Teton Wilderness

One of the weirdest attractions to see in Wyoming is the Parting of the Waters in the Teton Wilderness. To be specific, this place has two bodies of water, the Pacific and Atlantic creeks. At first, the two creeks are separated. However, there is a spot where the creeks are joined together, forming a large stream going to the ocean. You can stand in the two creeks to feel the two great bodies of water flowing at the same time.

Smith Mansion

Located at Fork Highway, Cody, the Smith Mansion will surely capture your eye when you pass it. It is a very strange looking building with an extremely eccentric design. This five-story house was built by Francis Lee Smith over the course of more than a decade. It’s like a mini Winchester Mystery House. His skill and creativity led him to build one of the most legendary houses in America.

Sinks Canyon


The Sinks Canyon is one of the weirdest attractions to see in Wyoming. Most travelers will think that the river in Sinks Canyon State Park is ordinary. However, there is a mysterious phenomenon happening in this place. To explain further, in the middle of the Popo Agie River flows until it reaches a curve going into a cave, descending underground. This area is called “the Sinks.” From there, the river re-emerges a quarter of a mile away in a large pool known as “the Rise.”

For years, people have had no idea that the water from the Sinks was also the water on the Rise. Eventually, scientific tests were done to determine the connection between the two bodies of water. Aside from that, the tests revealed that the Rise has more water. The reason behind this phenomenon is still a mystery.

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