The Weirdest Castles that Exist Around the World

Castles are among the best tourist spots around the world. Most countries have them, and they all take pride in them. In fact, many countries feature these kinds of structures as their main attractions. After all, travelers are drawn to the magnificent beauty of palaces and castles. Plus, they are rich in culture and history. However, some castles stand out because of their unusual features, too. So, if you’re searching for strange or quirky attractions, here are the weirdest castles that exist around the world.

Potala Palace – Tibet


The Potala Palace is a Dzong fortress in Tibet, and it was the Dalai Lamas’ winter palace from 1649 to 1959. Today, this castle has been turned into a museum, attracting many tourists from around the world. In 1994, it was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Unlike most castles that have been built on flat ground, the Potala Palace was created within the center of a valley, specifically on Ri Marpo’s side. It has sloping walls and flat roofs of varying levels. Aside from that, it also has a series of stairs with broken intervals that lead to the summit.

Perhaps, the most famous part of Potala Palace is the “Red Palace.” It contains the chapels, shrines, and main halls of past Dalai Lamas. The palace’s decoration is rich with carvings, jeweled work, fine paintings, and ornaments that deliver a grand and elegant effect.

Pena Palace – Portugal


One of the weirdest castles that exist around the world is the Pena Palace. It is a national monument located on top of a hill. Compared to most castles, this building features a fusion of vivid colors and styles that show the exotic taste of the Romanticism period. Inside, you will see painted walls and stuccos painted with three-dimensional imagery.

Unfortunately, Pena Palace was reduced to ruins in the 18th century because of an earthquake and lightning strike. The good news is that King Consort Ferdinand II acquired the ruined castle in 1838. Afterward, he transformed the ruins into an unusual yet beautiful castle with Islamic and Medieval elements.

Lake Palace – India

Another great addition to this list of weirdest castles that exist around the world is Lake Palace. It is a beautiful white building that floats on Lake Pichola. For years, the palace was used as a summer residence of India’s rulers. After some time, it was used less until it began to decline.

The good news is that you can still visit this unusual yet beautiful castle because it was restored and given a new life. To be specific, the palace was turned into a luxury hotel in 1969. So, you can stay in this magnificent place and feel like a royal when you visit Udaipur, India.

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