The Weirdest Castles that Exist in Scotland

Scotland is a country filled with rich history and ancient landmarks. Aside from that, it also features beautiful landscapes and rolling hills. Of course, let’s not forget the numerous castles scattered around the country that will reveal more about its history. However, not all castles in Scotland are grand and majestic. Some have weird features that make them unique and fascinating. So, here are some of the weirdest castles that exist in Scotland.

Corgarff Castle – Corgarff


From a distance, most tourists will think that Corgraff Castle is an ordinary white-colored building. Upon a closer look, you will see its unique feature, a star-shaped wall. Plus, it is situated in the middle of a beautiful landscape in the village of Corgarff. As such, you will be greeted with a stunning view when you visit this 16th-century tower.

When you tour Corgarff Castle, you will learn more about the two tragic tales of this medieval home. As you may know, this building was originally designed to be a residential home of a noble family. After some time, it was converted into a military base. Today, the castle is one of the many attractions in Scotland that offers a majestic view while providing an intense peak back into the depths of history.

Kinloch Castle – Isle of Rum


Kinloch Castle is one of the weirdest castles that exist in Scotland. Initially, this building was designed to be a summer residential home of Sir George Bullough, whose father owned the Isle of Rum.

An unusual feature of Kinloch Castle is that it contains a magnificent (or potentially eerie) collection of stuffed animals, including fish. Aside from that, it also displays random artifacts and other rare items from around the world. For most tourists, the best attraction of this castle is its furnished front half, which shows the holiday lifestyle of a wealthy family before World War I.

In 2015, the Scottish Natural Heritage converted a part of the Kinloch Castle into a hostel. Tours around the building are also offered for curious travelers. Unfortunately, this unusual yet majestic place is no longer open to the public.

Kelburn Castle – Largs

Kelburn Castle is the last on this list of the weirdest castles that exist in Scotland. Originally, this building was designed with 16th-century elements; however, a part of the building needed replacement in 2007. As a solution, the open-minded owners invited Brazilian artists to paint a section of the castle’s exterior walls, resulting in a beautiful mixture of 16th-century design and modern-day graffiti. This artwork may seem eccentric, but it is a delightful view for many visitors.

Aside from its unusual exterior, Kelburn Castle also features numerous artifacts that blend the local Scottish culture with New Zealand aspects. You can view this marvelous collection when you join one of the seasonal tours of the castle.

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