The Weirdest Encounters Reddit Users Had With Complete Strangers

The internet is a treasure trove of strange and eerie tales, and Reddit is no exception. From unexpected run-ins to downright bizarre situations, Reddit users have shared some of the most unsettling encounters they’ve had with complete strangers. These stories range from creepy and inexplicable to downright chilling, highlighting the unpredictable nature of human interactions. So, let’s get started right away talking about the weirdest encounters Reddit Users had with strangers, shall we?

Creepy Bathroom Encounter

I was driving from St Louis to Louisville and stopped at a little exit to put gas in my car. It’s about 5am. Sun isn’t up yet. I decide to go to the bathroom and get some coffee while Im stopped. I come out of the stall and there’s a large man in the women’s bathroom with overalls on and a hospital gown underneath. He’s standing at the sink tucking the gown in. I go to wash my hands and he says “Can you see this hospital gown under my overalls?” Im a little freaked out. I nod yes and he says “Im not going back there. I ain’t crazy. They’re crazy.” I walk out and make a beeline for my car. There’s an attendant out there changing the trash bags in the big trash bins by the pump. I say “There’s a very large MAN in the woman’s bathroom in a hospital gown and overalls.” He looks at me and says “Oh that’s just Frank. He must have got out again.” I couldn’t get away from that little gas station quick enough.

Reddit user: Tacos-and-Tequila-2 

Kevin, Is That You?

Back in 2009, I walked into a coffeehouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and saw someone I hadn’t seen since 2000. I was excited to see him, and we had a 2+ hour conversation about what we had been doing with our lives. He eventually wanted to go home; I offered him a ride.

We arrived at his apartment house, and as he got out he said, “By the way, my name’s not Kevin, it’s Joshua, and I just moved here from Connecticut. I didn’t want to embarrass you in public, so I just went along with the convo. Thanks for the ride, by the way.”

I never saw that guy Joshua again; I also have never seen or heard anything about the guy Kevin. I replay the conversation in my head sometimes, and it still freaks me out.

Reddit User: daven_callings 


Stalker in Disguise

A few months ago I was walking behind a guy that kept looking over his shoulder at me, and I could tell he seemed nervous. After a few minutes of him constantly looking back at me, he turns around and pulls out his phone and tells me, “if you don’t stop I’ll stop I’ll start recording, I know your boss won’t be happy”. So I ignore him and continue walking because I didn’t want to say the wrong thing and come off confrontational. Anyways, he started recording me, while speaking gibberish about how myself and a bunch of other people are stalking him. And it made me feel really uncomfortable and sad, because I knew this guy wasn’t in his right mind and wouldn’t believe me if I told him I wasn’t. Anyways, I saw him cross the street which made me feel relieved. However he started yelling at a car that stopped to allow him cross the street. He was shouting, “I’ve got your license plate, I have documentation! You guys need to stop harassing me”. It makes me depressed just thinking about it. I’m still confused about what happened and why he thought that everyone that was in his vicinity was stalking him.

Reddit User: Deleted account 

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