The Weirdest Laws that Exist in the United States

The United States has a diverse and rich culture all its own. Aside from offering numerous strange and unusual tourist attractions, some states also have really weird laws. You have to know these laws so that you can avoid them when you visit these states. Or maybe just so you can laugh about them and how wild they are. So, what are the weirdest laws that exist in the United States?

Whispering Inside a Church is Illegal in Delaware

In Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, you have to be careful when entering a church. The reason is that it is illegal to whisper inside a place of worship. Remember, churches are considered peaceful, and you will be deemed as disturbing a peaceful place if you are seen whispering. The good news is that churchgoers will probably not call the police if they see some quietly whispering. Even so, it is best to avoid chatting inside a church to avoid any repercussions.

Stink Bombs are Banned in Alabama

One of the weirdest laws that exists in the United States is the banning of stink bombs in Alabama. If you grew up in the 90s, you’ve probably enjoyed throwing this smelly object at unsuspected friends or passersbys. However, stink bombs are banned in Alabama because they creates a foul odor that brings discomfort. So, if you’re fond of pulling pranks, throwing stink bombs is off-limits in this state.


It is Forbidden to Eat Fried Chicken with a Fork and Knife in Georgia

In 1961, a weird ordinance was passed in Gainesville, Georgia, to gain publicity. To be specific, this ordinance forbids its citizens to eat fried chicken using a fork and a knife. Even though this ordinance was not taken seriously, one tourist was arrested for using utensils to eat the municipality’s sacred delicacy. For this reason, you have to remember to use your hands when eating fried chicken in Georgia.

Drunk Bingo is Prohibited in North Carolina

Bingo is an enjoyable pastime for most people. However, one of the weirdest laws that exist in the United States prohibits playing Bingo while drinking alcohol. According to the state of North Carolina, it is “unlawful to consume or sell alcohol in any room where a bingo game is being conducted.” However, this law was last updated 30 years ago. Plus, it is unlikely to enforce this law if the bingo game is held on private property or residences.

Tire Screeching is Illegal in Kansas

The last on this list is tire screeching, which is illegal in Kansas. The reason is that this act is considered breaching the peace in the neighborhood. As such, it is best to avoid speeding or tire screeching if you’re traveling in or through Kansas.

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