The Weirdest Museums You Can Tour Across the World

Museums display thousands of interesting historical pieces and bits of information. As such, they are the top tourist attractions for those who want to learn the history and culture of any certain place. However, some museums house wacky and strange things that make them peculiar yet fascinating at the same time. In fact, weird museums are becoming more and more in demand with the rise of paranormal travel. To give you a better view, here are some of the weirdest museums in the world.

Disgusting Food Museum (Sweden)

When visiting the Disgusting Food Museum, you should try not to feel squeamish, though it may become difficult. You see, here, you can learn about the different delicacies of other cultures, many of which may seem, well, disgusting to you. Plus, you get to smell, see, and taste some of the dishes. Some popular foods on display are cheese with live maggots from Italy, fruit bat soup from Guam, and wine-filled-baby mice from China. So, if you’re brave enough to taste these strange dishes, or if you just want to look in awe (or horror), you can visit the Disgusting Food Museum. It’s easy to see why this made our list of the weirdest museums.

Museum of Bad Art (United States)

The Museum of Bad Art is one of the weirdest museums in the world. As its name implies, this place showcases about 600 pieces of artwork that are too awful to ignore. Here, you will see a lot of brightly-colored portraits of flowers and other things. Even though they are considered “bad art,” you may still find them amusing. So, if you’re in Massachusetts, you can drop by the Museum of Bad Art to see some of the worst art pieces in the world.

The Dog Collar Museum (England)

If you’re a dog lover, The Dog Collar Museum in Great Britain should be on top of your travel destinations. Here, you’ll see more than 130 dog collars and other dog accessories on display, and these items can be dated back to the 15th century.

Some of the most fascinating pieces on display in this one-of-a-kind place are the silver collars from the 19th century and antique collars with spikes from the 15th century.

Avanos Hair Museum (Turkey)

The last on this list of the weirdest museums in the world is the Avanos Hair Museum. Here, you will see more than 16,000 locks of hair from different women. In fact, this museum offers the biggest hair collection in the world.

The Avanos Hair Museum may seem strange, but it is a great place you can visit when you’re in Turkey. The unique collection in this museum will surely amaze you, especially if you hear the touching story of how the collection started.

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