The Weirdest Places You Have to Experience in Europe

If you think that your European trip is lacking something special, you can try visiting some weird tourist destinations in Europe. The first thing I do when I meet with a guide while I’m traveling is ask them what the most unusual thing about the area is. Generally, that’s what provides most of the personality to the area. Most of the time, these peculiar places are stunning. As such, they can make your vacation more memorable. So, what are the weirdest places in Europe you just have to experience?

1. Tinto River – Spain


Located in the southwest region of Spain, you will find the Tinto River. Some of you may think that there’s nothing special about this place because of its ordinary name. However, “Tinto” in Spanish means “painted.” As such, this body of water is colored, unlike most rivers. To be specific, the Tinto River has a brick red color that you will find mesmerizing. The reason for its unique color is due to the various metals, such as copper and gold that were, unfortunately, accompanied with high amounts of iron dissolved in the water because of the mining nearby. As a result, the water in this river is very acidic (along with being very red).

2. Giant’s Causeway – Northern Ireland


One of the weirdest places in Europe you have to experience is the Giant’s Causeway. As you know, this natural formation is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is not surprising because of its unique features. To be specific, the Giant’s Causeway has about 40,000 basalt columns, which were made by a volcanic eruption. Overall, you will surely be mesmerized by the awesome views of this place.

3. Parikkala Sculpture Park – Finland


If you’re searching for one of the weirdest places you can visit in Europe, you can try the Parikkala Sculpture Park. It features about 550 statues with varying poses. Some people think that the statues are quite spooky, but it is Veijo Rönkkönen’s way of speaking or communicating with the world. The collection of statues in this park may seem strange. Even so, you will surely enjoy this place, especially if you’re a yoga practitioner.

4. Avanos Hair Museum – Turkey

The last on this list of the weirdest places in Europe you have to experience is the Avanos Hair Museum. As its name implies, you can see a collection of hair in this place. As the story goes, a potter was parting ways with his friend. Before they went on separate ways, he asked for something that reminded him of her. So, the woman cut a lock of hair. Then, the potter displayed it in his shop, and he told the story to his customers. From there, women began giving him locks of hair. Today, the museum has about 16,000 hair samples.

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