The Weirdest Places to Visit in the United States

Travel experts recommend visiting weird and unusual places to those searching for a unique travel experience. The reason is that these attractions feature something quirky yet remarkable. Plus, these places are less crowded than popular tourist attractions. As such, you will surely enjoy the one-of-a-kind scene. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel far to see something spectacular. So, here are the weirdest places to visit in the United States.

Market Theater Gum Wall (Washington)


The Market Theater Gum Wall is quite famous for its unusual features. To be specific, this famous wall contains thousands of pieces of chewed gum. It may not be a pretty sight for some, but it is quite fascinating.

The Market Theater Gum Wall began in the 1990s when a person waiting in line to watch a show stuck his bubblegum on the wall. Afterward, more and more people did the same, and it became a trend, attracting tourists to do the same. Eventually, they cleaned the wall; however, the gum reappeared, leading to a larger and quirkier wall of chewing gum pieces.

Museum of Death (Louisiana)

One of the weirdest places to visit in the United States is the Museum of Death. As its name implies, this place offers a strange collection that may scare many tourists. As such, this museum is for people who are brave enough to view crime scene images, mortuary equipment, and other death-related art pieces. Unfortunately, cameras and other video recording devices are not allowed inside; thus, you won’t be able to record your trip to this one-of-a-kind place.

Fly Geyser (Nevada)


Another strange tourist attraction in the US is the Fly Geyser in Nevada. Initially, this geyser was a well created during the 1900s. After some time, geothermally heated water began to move up toward the cracks. As a result, the man-made well turned into a weird yet attractive geyser.

Keep in mind that the Fly Geyser is not open to the public. Even so, you can get a glimpse of its unusual appearance if you go to State Route 34.

Glass Beach (California)


Of course, this list of the weirdest places to visit in the United States is not complete without mentioning Glass Beach in California. This place may seem strange; however, it reveals the creativity of Mother Nature. As the story goes, people used to dump garbage on the shore for decades. Eventually, the garbage was washed off, revealing various pieces of glass. Keep in mind that Glass Beach is a protected tourist attraction. Even so, you are free to take pictures around the beach but be sure to leave the glass behind.

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