These Are the Most Bizarre Hostel Stories I Could Find on Reddit

Have you ever stayed in a hostel? If the answer is yes, then you already know that it isn’t the most glamorous experience, to say the least. However, hopefully, you don’t know (from personal experience) how dangerous and straight-up terrifying it can be. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, I went on a Reddit hunt for the most bizarre hostel stories. Let’s get started, shall we?

Hostel floated down the Amazon River – Bizarre Hostel Stories

“Recently a friend and I stayed in the amazon jungle near Iquitos (Peru) on a camping trip. After five days out in the wild, I was ready for a nice warm shower and a good nights sleep in a decent bed. The hostel was a set of floating buildings right on the river. We decided to go for dinner out in the city. It started to rain incredibly hard. I have never seen rain come down harder than this. We waited it out for a couple hours and enjoyed a few beers. Once it stopped we went back to find out that our hostel had dislodged from its anchor and floated out and pretty far down the river. The only remaining building was the reception office. I guess the hostel owner didn’t see us leave for dinner. They thought that we were in our rooms and called the police to go pick us up. When they didn’t find us in our room they started to search the river with spotlights and every boat they could spare. Needless to say, the police and hostel owner were relieved to see us walk up completely dry and alive.”

User: safetybreak

A single flip-flop missing

“Not my story, but a good friend of mine was staying at an Australian hostel. It had a large communal room with single beds, and she left her bag and flip flops next to her cot while she was sleeping in an attempt to keep things secure.

She woke up the next morning to find that one of her flip flops was missing. She searched throughout the hostel and made a huge deal out of this to the other travellers, constantly asking why someone would ever steal only one flip flop.

Defeated by her unsuccessful search, she decided to leave the hostel and head out to a bar with some friends. They passed the front desk, and checking out of the hostel was an older greying man with a wooden peg-leg and a single flip flop poking out of his travel bag…”

User: thenotoriousnic

Sleep talking buddies – Bizarre Hostel Stories

“An actual “horror”

I was in a big dorm, maybe 20 people or so in bunk beds. It was quite a quiet room, which was nice.

About 3am I woke myself up sleep talking, sat up and was just pouring sweat. Then I realised there were 3 other people sleep talking in the room.

Then pretty much all at the same time they all sat up as well, we kinda all just looked at eachother in the dark for a minute not saying a word, then we all just laid back down and dozed off again. Really creepy.”

User: klakson_95

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