These are the Strangest Destinations You Just Have to Visit in Canada

Anybody who lives in Canada can vouch that this country is full of surprises. From housing the coolest places on Earth, such as Big Muddy Valley, to some really strange destinations, Canada will never cease to amaze you. Here are some bizarre locations which could very well leave you with your mouth hanging open in shock. Without further ado, we give you some of the strangest destinations in Canada.

Narcisse Snake Dens, Gimli, Manitoba

This place is an ophidophobic’s worst nightmare. Every spring and fall, this location becomes habituated by tens of thousands of garter snakes. These snakes leave their winter dens and come up to the surface to mate. It truly is a bizarre sight.

The Sleeping Giant, Ontario

We have all heard about giants in storybooks and movies, but have you seen one in real life? Probably not. The sleeping Giant in Ontario will fulfill all your fantasies regarding giants. Okay, it may not be a real giant, but it is cool! This rock formation gives the illusion of a sleeping giant, hence the name. Once you see them in person, it’s impossible to only think of them as rocks. This is precisely why we had to add this natural formation to our list of the strangest places in Canada.

Spotted Lake, British Columbia


More or less, every country in the world has a lake, but does any country have a spotted lake? The Spotted Lake gets its name because, in the summer months, the evaporating water leaves various sized mineral deposits. The colorful mineral deposits make it a beautiful yet peculiar sight, something you don’t want to miss seeing in person. This is definitely one of our favorites on our list of the strangest destinations in Canada.

Crooked Bush, Saskatchewan

The Crooked Bush is nothing short of a description in a children’s book. The abnormally twisted shape of the trees here gives the place its name. None of the trees here have trunks going vertically skyward. Instead, they move in waves by twisting and turning in awkward directions, giving the place an eerie feel. No wonder the site is gaining a lot of popularity!

Sign Post Forest, Yukon

The Sign Post Forest is truly a wonder. It is filled with countless signs of people from all over the world. This forest continues to grow as more travelers add their own signs. It all started when a U.S soldier put up his sign, after which it became a tradition for visitors all over the world to do the same. So, the next time you visit, make sure to add yours too.

Abraham Lake, Alberta


This may be a dangerous destination, but it is a highly mesmerizing one, too. Abraham Lake is unique in the way it is filled with methane bubbles. The bubbles are formed by the decaying plant and animal matter on the lake bed. The popping of these strange bubbles may prove to be dangerous, so make sure you don’t light a match nearby this lake at all.

Paddlewheel Graveyard, Yukon

The slow abandonment of the paddlewheels, which was once a primary source of transportation, led to the formation of the paddlewheel graveyard. Here lie various ruins, ad wreckages of paddleboats. The place is in literal ruins but so full of history.

Canada never fails to amaze us. Whether it’s the Niagra falls or the Abraham Lake, this country can be eerie and enthralling at the same time. Every province in Canada has its own set of marvels, something which will leave you wanting more. Don’t miss out and set up your next trip to visit some of these strangest destinations in Canada.

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