This Real Life Gilmore Girls Town Is As Charming As Stars Hollow

Can you believe that Gilmore Girls is already 22 years old? I grew up with that show, and watching it still brings me comfort. Especially during the fall and winter seasons. Stars Hollow, the imaginary town where the show takes place, always seemed to me like the most idyllic place on earth. Luke’s dinner, the gorgeous town square, and Lorelai’s cozy inn. Who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend there? The great news is that there is actually a real-life version of Stars Hollow.

The creator of the show, Amy Sherman-Palladino revealed that she actually got her inspiration from a small town called Washington in Connecticut. A few years before she started working on Gilmore Girls, Amy and her husband booked a stay at the Mayflower Inn & Spa in Washington and had breakfast at the local diner. She loved the sense of warmth and community she felt in this small town and described it as being “beautiful” and “magical.” And even if you aren’t as obsessed with Rory and Lorelai as I am, I’m sure that you couldn’t help but find this place as charming as she did.

Washington, CT

If you’re ever in Connecticut, and you want to experience that small-town charm that we have a chance to see in the episodes of Gilmore Girls, make sure that you visit Washington. Locals of the town claim that it isn’t uncommon for them to see fans of the series wandering around town, enjoying their coffees, and soaking up the sun. The town itself echoes the lifestyle that has made Stars Hollow so desirable. With only 3,435 residents, it’s a safe place where everyone knows practically everyone.


When it comes to places that you can visit there, it’s pretty similar to Stars Hollow as well. You have the cozy Inn, a market, a bookstore, a town hall, and, of course, the local diner. However, in the case of Washington, it’s not called Luke’s. Instead, it’s Marty’s. Isn’t it close enough to make you want to order a burger with a side of french fries? But only after getting your daily dose of caffeine. Thankfully, unlike at Luke’s, phones are allowed in this place, so make sure you take some Instagram-worthy pictures.

In spite of its popularity and reputation as a TV show location, Washington is still a friendly and welcoming town. The residents of this charming place will always greet you with a smile and gladly show you around. Sure, sometimes it’s unavoidable to come across someone grumpy as well, but what would be Stars Hollow without a shot of cynicism in it. Right?

The people living there are interesting and diverse, and the coffee is as strong and delicious as it is at Luke’s. So make sure you book your stay at the Inn and experience the magic of this place. Who says that you can’t be a Gilmore and stay in the real life Stars Hollow, at least for one weekend?

Kanita Bajrami

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