Travel Skincare Tips To Keep You Glowing No Matter Where You Are

I don’t want to compromise on doing my skincare even while I’m out and traveling! After all, travel skincare is important. Our skin has memories, too. And while we will remember all of the amazing days at the beach and fun nights out, our skin remembers the sun damage and those nights when we went to sleep with our makeup on.

I’m not suggesting that you prioritize your skincare even when visiting a foreign country. However, you should make sure that at least the basic needs of your skin are met. These include cleansing, moisturizing, and, of course, sunscreen. If you aren’t sure how to incorporate a proper skincare routine even while you’re on the go, then keep reading.

Keep things simple

Let’s be realistic. If you are a high-maintenance girl like I am, you won’t be able to take your complete 10-step skincare routine with you. So, keep things simple. I won’t have the energy for essences and sheet masks when I arrive at my accommodations anyway.

Instead, I keep things short and simple. I bring the makeup remover of my choice (which for me is an oil-based cleanser), my favorite cleanser (ideally, something creamy and hydrating, because the water in your travel destination could be hard and drying), my retinol serum, a reliable moisturizer, and, of course, plenty of sunscreen (especially if it’s a summer vacation). 

Do your skincare as soon as you arrive at your room

After a long day of exploring new places, the first thing you want to do once you arrive at your hotel room is just lie down for a few moments and rest your feet. However, once you actually lay down, it will be so difficult to get back on your feet again. Therefore, I would highly suggest jumping into the shower right away.

Put your cleaners in your shower and wash your face as the last step of your shower routine, and then apply the rest of your skincare once you’re out. It’s so much easier to do this while you still have some momentum, and you won’t have to worry about going to sleep with your sweaty and greasy makeup still on your face.


Bring a thermal water mist with you 

On one of my trips to France, I noticed that they had thermal water sprays in basically every pharmacy. They weren’t expensive at all, so I decided to buy a smaller container and try it out for myself. Once I did that, I knew that there was no going back. So let me explain to you why this is the case. 

First of all, these handy thermal water mists are ideal for bringing back some hydration to your face while you’re out and about exploring a new place. They are also a great way to cool down during the peak summer heat, or you can even use them to set your makeup in place before you go out. And last but not least, thermal water mists will also be a true lifesaver if you get sunburn or any other type of skin irritation during your trip.

Kanita Bajrami

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