Unusual Foods to Try While You’re in Mexico City

Mexico City, the bustling capital of Mexico, is a culinary paradise that offers a wide array of unique and exotic dishes. And we’re not talking tacos and tamales. Instead, what we really mean is the diverse culinary landscape that many tourists won’t even dare to try out. From larvae filled drinks, to fungus — these are some of the most unusual foods to try while you’re in Mexico City.



Escamoles, often known as “insect caviar,” are the delectable ant larvae that are collected from the agave plant’s roots. Often regarded as a delicacy in Mexican cooking, they stand out from other meals thanks to their creamy texture and nutty flavor. Escamoles, when sautéed with butter, garlic, and spices, provide a unique and decadent sensation that tests the tolerance of even the most daring foodies. So if you’re up for an adventure — this could be a fantastic appetizer.


Fried grasshoppers, or chapulines, are a common snack in Mexico City that are renowned for their strong flavors and crunchy texture. Chapulines, a savory snack loved by both locals and tourists, are seasoned with lime, chile, and salt. These tasty insects, which are high in protein and low in fat, offer a wholesome and sustainable substitute for conventional meat meals. But they also bringing some fun elements to the city’s thriving street food scene. And if you forget about the fact that you’re eating insects, they are not only delicious but also rich in nutrients!


Huitlacoche, sometimes referred to as Mexican truffle or maize smut, is a fungus that grows on corn kernels and turns them into a gourmet treat valued for their rich, earthy, and umami flavor. This is a common ingredient in quesadillas, soups, and tacos. It elevates conventional Mexican meals to new culinary heights by adding a specific depth and complexity. Savor the distinct flavor of huitlacoche to enjoy a fully genuine Mexican dining experience.



Pozole is a traditional Mexican stew that is hearty and soothing, best served during festive occasions and holidays. It is made with hominy corn, meat (typically pork), and chili peppers. A vital component of Mexican cooking, pozole takes on a new dimension when non-traditional meats like tripe, pig’s feet, or even chicken feet are included. This gives the well-known meal a distinctive and extravagant flavor that you can only taste here.

Maguey Worms

Magey worms are the larvae of the Hypopta agavis moth. Traditionally, they are consumed as an accompaniment to mezcal, a drink made from agave. Looking at a bottle of mezcal, you can find the magey worms at the bottom. A much-liked treat in Mexico City, these crispy and tasty worms match atypically well with mezcal. Simply adding a touch of earthiness and texture to the drink. So if you’re looking for a unique and tasty drink to match your adventurous dining choices, this is one you can’t go wrong with.

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