Visit These Mystical Places in Europe for a New Perspective on Travel

Europe is a spectacular continent filled with mystical places. Many of its beautiful landscapes are awe-inspiring, making you think they’re surreal. You will definitely think of traveling in a different way when you explore these enchanting places. So, here are the mystical places in Europe you can visit for a new perspective on travel.

Acropolis (Greece)


Greece is known around the world for its historical sites. Most of these attractions hold beauty and antiquity that withstood the test of time. One, in particular, is The Acropolis. This site is inspirational because it features the achievements of the ancient Greek civilization. Plus, the place contains antique monuments and temples that can transport you back in time. As such, many tourists visit this historic site above Athens to learn more about the history and culture of ancient Greece, “the
cradle of civilization.”

Sintra Mountains (Portugal)

The Sintra Mountains is one of the mystical places in Europe you can visit for a new perspective on travel. After all, this heritage site has inspired many poets, writers, and travelers because of its enchanting allure. As such, you can expect to see beautiful buildings from the Romantic era, including gothic mansions, extravagant palaces, and historic castles. All these buildings possess a beauty that will make you think of traveling in a different yet exciting way.

Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia)


The Plitvice Lakes National Park is among the oldest parks in Europe. Despite being old, this majestic place features overwhelming beauty. After all, it has many waterfalls, lakes, and boardwalk trails that create a unique tourist destination. Aside from that, it has also inspired many legends and mysterious stories. As such, you can expect to be amazed by its natural beauty and stunning viewpoints.

Wistman’s Wood (UK)

Wistman’s Wood is an ethereal place you can visit in the UK. It has moss-covered rocks and ancient oak trees that will make you feel like you’re in a scene from one of the novels by J.R.R Tolkien. Despite its awe-inspiring beauty, this forest was also famous for its mystical happenings. Additionally, it was also considered a sacred site for Druid rituals. For these reasons, you will definitely think of traveling in a different way after visiting this enchanting forest.

Overall, these are some of the mystical places in Europe you can visit for a new perspective on travel. As presented, these awe-inspiring landscapes offer surreal beauty that can change your view on traveling. Plus, you will surely cherish each moment you spend at these tourist destinations because of their magnificent and enchanting allure.

Maria Dolores Garcia

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