Visiting the House of the Devil: The Haunted History of the Winchester Mystery House

Have you heard about the Winchester Mystery House? This large mansion near San Jose, California has gained fame for its unusual design, cryptic past, and reported paranormal activity. The home was built by Sarah Winchester, the widow of rifle tycoon William Winchester. Supposedly, according to the myths and legends, she wanted to appease the ghosts of the victims killed by the Winchester weapons. Visitors to the home have reported weird happenings like doors that open and close by themselves, mysterious footsteps, and sightings of the dead. So let’s take a closer look at the Winchester Mystery House’s eerie past.

Who was Sarah Winchester?

As we have already explained, Sarah Winchester was the wife of William Winchester, the founder of the Winchester Repeating Arms Corporation. Sarah obtained a sizable inheritance from William after his death in 1881 and used it to fund the construction of a grandiose mansion in San Jose, California. According to legends, Sarah thought that the only way to rid herself of the ghosts of those killed by Winchester rifles was to construct a mansion that would never end. Little did she know that the mansion she was building may have become eternally haunted.

The Bizarre Architecture 

The Winchester Mystery House is famous for its unusual and puzzling architecture. The house is an odd mix of Gothic, Victorian, and Queen Anne styles and designs. It has dead ends for staircases, doors that open onto walls, and barricaded rooms. According to stories, Sarah Winchester created the home in this fashion to frighten away the ghosts she thought were haunting her. To say you never saw something like this would be an understatement. This building is truly one of a kind. You will feel like you’re in a movie while strolling the halls of the Winchester mansion.

The Numerous Ghosts of the Winchester Mystery House

There has been a lot of talking about supernatural activity at the Winchester Mystery House. Visitors to the home have reported seeing ghostly sightings, hearing strange footsteps, and sensing a dark presence. Some people think that the families who benefited from the murders of individuals slaughtered by Winchester rifles are still being sought by the ghosts of those victims. Others think that Sarah Winchester still haunts the mansion. Allegedly, she is trying to find a way to soothe the ghosts she thought were chasing her.

Exploring the Winchester Mystery House Today

The odd and spooky mansion is now accessible to the general public for tours, allowing guests to discover it for themselves. Many of the house’s most well-known rooms and features are covered throughout the tours, including the notorious “Sarah Winchester’s Seance Room,” which Sarah is said to have used to communicate with the ghosts that haunted her. The history of the Winchester family and the influence of their weapons on American history are also presented to guests.

The Winchester Mystery House is open every day of the year except for holidays. The tour hours and prices vary depending on the day of the week and the time of year. The general admission price for adults is $44.99, while children (ages 6-12) and seniors (ages 65+) pay $39.99. Discounts are available for groups of 15 or more. Exploring this mansion is much more than just visiting a haunted house. You also have the chance to learn about American history and architecture.

To get the full insider scoop from the historian of the Winchester Mystery House, watch our interview HERE!

Kanita Bajrami

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