Wearing Crystals As Jewelry: Everything You Need To Know

Crystals have been used for their healing properties for thousands of years. But, they have also been worn as jewelry. And besides having strong healing powers, crystals are also incredibly pretty, which makes them stunning options for creating jewelry pieces. If you’re interested in wearing crystals as jewelry, here’s everything you need.

What Are Crystals?

Crystals are natural minerals that have unique properties and energies. They are formed over millions of years through a process of heat, pressure, and other geological factors. Each crystal has its own specific energy and healing properties, according to some, making them a popular choice for alternative healing practices.

Choosing the Right Crystal

When choosing a crystal to wear as jewelry, it’s important to consider the properties and energies of the crystal. Different crystals have different properties and you can use them to promote different healing benefits. Some popular crystals and their properties include:

Amethyst: Calming and promotes peacefulness
Rose quartz: Encourages love and emotional healing
Citrine: Promotes abundance and positive energy
Clear quartz: Enhances clarity and focus

Types of Crystal Jewelry

There are many types of crystal jewelry available, from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings. Each type of jewelry can provide unique benefits based on the placement of the crystal on the body.


Wearing a crystal necklace can promote emotional healing and help balance the energy centers in the body. Choose a necklace with a crystal that sits near your heart chakra for maximum benefit.


Crystal bracelets can promote a sense of calm and balance throughout the day. Choose a bracelet with a crystal that aligns with your intentions and wear it on your wrist or higher up on your arm.


Wearing a crystal ring can help promote positive energy and emotional healing. Choose a ring with a crystal that aligns with your intentions and wear it on the finger that represents that intention.


Crystal earrings can help balance the energy centers in the body and promote emotional healing. Choose a pair of earrings with a crystal that aligns with your intentions and wear them in both ears for maximum benefit.


How to Clean Your Crystal Jewelry

To keep your crystal jewelry in good condition and maintain its healing properties, it’s important to clean it regularly. There are different methods to clean your crystal jewelry, including:

  • Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the crystal
  • Soak the crystal in a bowl of water with sea salt for a few hours
  • Place the crystal in the sun or moonlight to recharge its energy
  • Use a crystal cleaner or smudge stick to cleanse the crystal

Make sure to research the specific cleaning methods for the type of crystal you have to ensure you don’t damage it.

Wearing crystals as jewelry can provide both physical and emotional benefits, but it’s important to choose the right crystal and care for it properly. Consider what you’re looking to achieve with your crystal jewelry and choose a crystal that aligns with those goals. Additionally, be sure to clean your crystal jewelry regularly to maintain its healing properties.

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