The Weirdest Natural Phenomena that Exist in the World that You Just Have to See

We see a lot of extraordinary things created by Mother Nature, herself, from cascading waterfalls to colorful rivers. However, sometimes, her work goes beyond extraordinary and enters into the category of ‘unbelievable’. In fact, there are some really wild natural occurrences out there that will be sure to catch people’s attention, like bizarre phenomena. These natural occurrences will surely ignite your desire to travel. They may even leave you breathless. So, what are the weirdest natural phenomena that exist in the world?

The Glowing Tide or Bioluminescent Red Tide – California


In both 2018 and 2019, a bizarre phenomenon occurred on the shores of San Diego. To be specific, people witnessed the ocean glowing. Some people may call it magic, but there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. 

When the condition of the ocean is perfect, phytoplankton, specifically the Noctiluca scintillans variety, can multiply rapidly. The resulting algae may look a bit disgusting during the day; however, at night, these organisms glow blue, turning the ocean into a huge lava lamp. The explanation for this is simple. When the phytoplankton is agitated, it glows as a defense mechanism. Unfortunately, this phenomenon known as bioluminescence is unpredictable, so you may need to keep an eye on the news to find out when to witness this magical event. 

Northern Lights – Norway, Finland, and Sweden


One of the weirdest natural phenomena that exist in the world is the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis. When this phenomenon occurs, the sky is illuminated with flickering colors.

According to scientists, this event occurs when solar particles go into our planet’s atmosphere. Unfortunately, no one can predict when this phenomenon will occur. Even so, you will probably be lucky enough to witness it in the skies of Norway, Finland, and Sweden between October and March.

Light Pillars – Canada and USA


Another bizarre phenomenon that will surely amaze you is the light pillars, which are usually seen in the colder regions of the USA and Canada. This phenomenon is best described as beautiful light beams that look as if they are coming from a spaceship.

Scientists explain that the light pillars occur when cold air transforms the water in the sky into crystals. When the crystals go down, they can reflect the lights from the ground. The result is stunning light beams.

All in all, these are some of the weirdest natural phenomena that exist in the world. As presented, many people who have witnessed these strange occurrences described them as something magical despite their scientific explanations. Still, many travelers around the world want to see these extraordinary phenomena for a memorable travel experience.

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