The Weirdest Things You’ll See While Exploring Google Earth

In 2001, Google Earth was launched to the public, allowing us to explore any place in the word from different angles. To be specific, images of remote areas are now accessible with just a few clicks. For instance, when they launched the Google Earth app, I began visiting my favorite places, going street by street, just by pressing a few buttons on my phone. Because of this possibility, a lot of individuals have found unbelievable things. (And others have been quickly covered up. For instance, there’s a big white blob covering up Area 51 on Google Earth, as we’re not allowed as a general populous to see what’s there.) To give you a better view, here are some of the weirdest things on Google Earth.

Abandoned Island – Japan

Google Earth Coordinates: 32.6276° N, 129.7385° E

A few miles away from Nagasaki is Hashima, you’ll find a tiny island that was abandoned in the 1970s. To explain further, this island had a coal mine; however, the coal reserves eventually ran out. As a result, all the residents of this place abandoned it. After 30 years, virtual tourists rediscovered Hashima through Google Earth.

Due to its popularity that boomed across the internet, the Nagasaki government started repairing some of the crumbled structures. In 2009, the island reopened, thanks to its popularity on Google Earth. This village was even featured in one of the James Bond’s movies, namely Skyfall.

Red Lake – Iraq

Google Earth Coordinates: 33.3961° N, 44.4875° E

Lago Vermelho on Google Earth Today

One of the weirdest things you’ll see on Google Earth is the Red Lake in Iraq. To be specific, the Lago Vermelho appeared as a bright red body of water on Google Earth for a bit. Of course, this image created a lot of concerns and speculation on the internet. For instance, some people think that the red color was due to a chemical spill, while others believe it was because of animal blood.

Lago Vermelho when it was appearing extremely red

Today, the reason for the lake’s sudden change in color is still a mystery; however, some believe that it was due to red algae. In fact, Lake Urmia, a lake a few miles away from Iran, also turned bright red during a dry summer. The cause of the color change was red algae.

Huge Face – Canada

Google Earth Coordinates: 50° 0’38.20″N, 110° 06′ 48.32″W


A series of hills lies throughout the western region of the Canadian border. In reality, there is nothing spectacular in that area because it only has a road, a well, and an empty space. However, many people saw a pattern on the hills while exploring Google Earth. To be specific, they noticed a human face.

After careful examination, it was concluded that the human face was created by the weather. To be specific, the patterns were formed due to erosion. Despite being a natural creation, it is still one of the weirdest things you can see on Google Earth, as it clearly does look exactly like a human face. Today, it has been dubbed “The Badlands Guardian” and you can find it on Google Earth via the coordinates: 50° 0’38.20″N, 110° 06′ 48.32″W.

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