What are History’s Biggest Unsolved Mysteries?

Throughout history, numerous mysteries have kept historians from solving their intricate puzzles. Despite the efforts of numerous people, these strange events remain unknown. Aside from that, some famous personalities are still unknown even after years of searching for their true identity. So, what are the biggest unsolved mysteries in history?

Malaysian Airlines’ Flight 370

In March 2014, this Boeing 777 aircraft departed from Malaysia. During the journey, the airplane disappeared without a trace. Afterward, the biggest investigation in aviation history began. Unfortunately, they only found debris during their search. After three years of searching, the disappearance of the plane and its 239 passengers remains a mystery. Nevertheless, numerous conspiracy theories about flight 370 were made, including hijacking, a fire, a meteorite impact, and alien abduction.

Jack the Ripper


One of the biggest unsolved mysteries in history involves a notorious criminal known as Jack the Ripper. I’m sure you’ve all heard of him. In 1888, this person killed and mutilated the bodies of several women in London. For years, many people, including men and women, were subjects of interest. Aside from that, numerous taunting letters were also sent to the police throughout their desperate attempts to find Jack. Despite the hard work of the police officers, the identity of the killer is still unknown today.

Cleopatra’s Tomb


Cleopatra was a famous ruler of Egypt, as everyone knows. According to historians, her body was buried together with her lover’s body in a tomb in 30 B.C. According to Plutarch, Cleopatra’s tomb was situated near the temple of Isis. The writer also stated that the tomb contains valuable treasures, including ivory, ebony, pearls, emeralds, silver, and gold.

Today, scientists and historians found numerous archaeological discoveries throughout Egypt. Unfortunately, Cleopatra’s tomb was not one of them. In fact, many archaeologists have stated that the tomb would be unidentifiable if ever it survived throughout the years.

The Living Statues

The last on this list of the biggest unsolved mysteries in history is the event known as the “living statues.” To explain further, a mysterious medical condition plagued society between 1917 to 1928. The victims of this disease found themselves trapped in their alive yet unmoving bodies. This illness was known as the “sleeping sickness” or lethargic encephalitis.

The cause of the sleeping sickness is still unknown. However, some scientists believe that bacteria caused this terrible disease. According to them, the bacteria mutated, pushing the immune system to attack the victim’s brain. As a result, the victims were living like statues for hours, days, or worst, years.

Eventually, the disease disappeared; however, it resurfaced in Europe in the 1950s. In 2004, 20 patients were analyzed because they showed similar symptoms. Afterward, it was concluded that the sleeping sickness was still present in our society despite any new cases arising.

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