What is Urban Exploring, and Why is It on the Rise?

Urban exploring or urbex is a somewhat risky activity that is gaining popularity nowadays. To be specific, people who are seeking an adrenaline rush visit mysterious man-made locations to document their travel experiences. So, what is urbex, and why is it popular? Here are some reasons urban exploring is on the rise.

What is Urban Exploring?

Sometimes referred to as roof-and-tunnel hacking, urban exploration is when you explore abandoned or hidden man-made structures. Usually, the person exploring will take pictures or document the entire adventure, including the history of the building or place.

As mentioned, urban exploring can be a risky activity for various reasons. For one, it poses a physical danger. Remember, explorers will often visit abandoned locations, and most of these buildings are already dilapidated. Aside from that, some urban explorers ignore laws and visit private property without permission; thus, there is a possibility of punishment or arrest. Despite its dangers, more and more people are fascinated by this activity, especially those seeking a thrilling experience.


Reasons Urban Exploring is on the Rise

Increased Media Attention

Urban exploring is gaining popularity because of the increased media attention focusing on it. To be specific, there are several TV shows, like Urban Explorers and MTV’s Fear, that feature this activity. Aside from TV shows, it is also regularly featured in newspapers, films, and documentary series. It’s also trending all over social media.

Because of the media attention, many people want to experience this risky yet exciting activity. If you’re new to urban exploring, you can visit numerous websites for details and tips about this activity. Some people may even share the best and safest locations you can explore.

It Provides a Thrilling Experience

One of the reasons it is on the rise is because of the thrilling experience it provides. Remember, this activity can be dangerous. Aside from possible arrest, explorers may also be exposed to radiation or asbestos poisoning. Plus, they are entering unsafe territories that may lead to accidents or injuries. Even so, more and more people are trying this activity for personal fulfillment and to conquer limits, while others do it for the thrill.

It Offers a New Travel Experience

The last reason urban exploring is on the rise is because it offers a new kind of travel experience. In fact, you will have several awesome and exciting stories when you visit abandoned and hidden locations. Plus, urban exploring is a blend of sightseeing, photography, discovery, and sport. As such, you will definitely have a great experience when urban exploring. Just remember to obey the laws, pay attention, and exercise extreme caution when trying it out for yourself.

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