Why is There a Giant Pink Stuffed Bunny on a Mountain in Italy?

Italy is known for its scenic landscapes, delicious cuisine, and fabulous fashion scenes. Because of these attractions, many tourists from around the world visit this country. As such, it is not surprising that Italy has several crowded tourist spots. Still, you can visit less popular areas for a unique experience if that’s what you prefer. One, in particular, is the 5,000-foot mountain in Artesina with a giant stuffed rabbit splayed out across it. To give you a better view, here are some details about the giant pink stuffed bunny of Artesina.

The Giant Pink Stuffed Bunny of Artesina


Back in 2005, people living in the Northern region of Italy were surprised after looking out of their windows. The reason is that a huge pink stuffed bunny was seen on top of the hill, and it seemed to appear magically after just one night. The vibrant stuffed animal also created a striking contrast against the dark green foliage surrounding it.

Come to find out, the giant pink stuffed bunny was known as Hase. It is a huge art installation placed on top of Colletto Fava Mountain. To be specific, it has a size of 20 feet high and 20 feet long. As such, tourists can see it from afar due to its gigantic size and striking pink color.

Hase was built and installed by the art collective from Gelitin, Vienna. According to them, they created this stuffed animal so that tourists would feel like they were part of the famous Gulliver’s Travels.

Keep in mind that Hase is not like your typical stuffed animal. The reason is that it appears as if it fell from the sky. To be specific, the bunny’s liver, intestines, and heart are spilled on its side. Even so, tourists can play with Hase just like other stuffed toys. In fact, they can climb on top of it so that they can enjoy the magnificent view of the mountains.

What Happened to the Giant Pink Stuffed Bunny?

the-giant-pink-stuffed-bunny-of-artesina-italy-colleto-fava-mountain-google-earth (1)
The Giant Pink Stuffed Bunny on Google Earth

When the giant pink stuffed bunny of Artesina was installed, the creators hadn’t set a removal date. The art installation was meant to stay on top of the mountain until mother nature consumed it. Ideally, the toy was designed to last for about 20 years.

the-giant-pink-stuffed-bunny-of-artesina-italy-colleto-fava-mountain-google-earth (2)
While the Bunny May Be Gone as of 2016, You Can Still See Where it Was by the Discoloration in the Mountain

Unfortunately, the bunny’s pink color eventually turned into a gray one. Day after day, the toy slowly faded and decomposed. According to reports, the giant stuffed animal had completely decomposed in 2016. By 2020, Google Earth images showed that only the outline of this art installation was left behind.

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