Why You Should Visit Savannah, Georgia If You Love the Paranormal

Most people think that Savannah, Georgia is a charming town. And it absolutely is! However, this city is also the perfect destination for travelers who love the paranormal. As you know, Savannah, Georgia, is one of the most haunted cities in America. In fact, its ghostly reputation can be dated back to the Civil War and the yellow fever epidemic. If you’re interested in ghosts and the unusual, then Savannah is right up your alley. So, what are the top reasons to visit Savannah, Georgia, if you love the paranormal?

1. You Can Stay in One of the Many Haunted Hotels and Inns

In Savannah, Georgia, there are numerous establishments that are considered haunted. To be specific, a lot of travelers who have stayed in one of these haunted hotels and inns have reported that they experienced paranormal events, like hearing footsteps and seeing ghosts. So, if you want to experience something strange, you can stay at the Hamilton-Turner Inn or the Marshall Hotel or dine at the Moon River Brewing Company, to name just a few places.

2. You can Join Several Ghost Tours

One of the top reasons to visit Savannah, Georgia, if you love the paranormal is to participate in the various ghost tours. Most of these tours will guide you around the town’s haunted sites and other historical landmarks. Plus, you’ll hear different horror stories related to the city. The best part is that some of these ghost tours will allow you to bring and use your ghost-hunting equipment for an even more spine-chilling experience.


3. You can Visit Numerous Haunted Cemeteries and Parks

Aside from haunted hotels, inns, and restaurants, Savannah, Georgia, also has numerous haunted parks and cemeteries. In fact, some of the ghost tours will lead you to several hidden cemeteries that have been known to have paranormal occurrences. If you don’t like to join the ghost tours, you can also explore the town on your own. Two of the most well-known haunted cemeteries and parks of this town are Colonial Park and Laurel Grove.

4. You’ll Hear a Lot of Ghost Stories

The last on this list of reasons to visit Savannah, Georgia, if you love the paranormal is to hear ghost stories. Remember, this town already has a ghostly reputation since the Civil War. As such, it has hundreds of ghost stories to tell, like the story of Alice Riley.

Overall, Savannah, Georgia, is a highly recommended place you can visit if you’re seeking a ghostly adventure. In this city, you will not only hear tales of paranormal events. You may even experience something strange if you tour the haunted buildings and sites.

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