You Don’t Want to Miss These Weird Tourist Destinations in Hollywood

Hollywood is a popular tourist destination, thanks to its beautiful views and the allure of the celebrity lifestyle. However, some people prefer to see the weird, unusual, and macabre while they travel. If that rings a bell for you, if you’re searching for strange tourist destinations in Hollywood, you will definitely find some quirky and unusual places here. In fact, there’s a lot of strange history hidden under the surface of Hollywood’s glamour that is just waiting to be uncovered. These two topics surprisingly do go hand in hand. After all, check out the story of the Spider Pool. So, what are some of the weird tourist destinations in Hollywood?

1. The Magic Castle

Established in 1909, the Magic Castle was known for its magical and weird features, especially during 1962. Today, this tourist spot is seen as an incredibly exclusive club, offering tourists many exciting gimmicks such as fake bookshelf doors, secret passageways, and cowboys who perform magic shows and card tricks. However, to enter this castle, you need to wear formal attire. As such, you need to prepare a lavish outfit perfect for this magical tourist destination. It’s one exclusive club filled with the unusual. It’s important to point out that this is a more mainstream attraction on our list. The next two are not quite as black tie.

2. The Museum of Death


One of the most popular yet weird tourist destinations in Hollywood is the Museum of Death. This establishment is open for all ages; however, it prefers mature audiences. The reason is that this place is not for the faint of heart. Remember, this establishment offers a lot of gruesome exhibits, including artworks from serial killers and crime scene photos. So, if you’re fascinated by death and murder mysteries, this museum is an excellent place for you to visit. However, you need to prepare yourself. According to the talk of the town, there are a lot of people who have passed out inside the museum.

3. The California Institute of Abnormal Arts

Although the California Institute of Abnormal Arts is not in Hollywood, you can still visit this strange place because it is very nearby. Like the Museum of Death, this establishment is not for the faint of heart. The reason is that it is filled with countless rows of freak-show memorabilia. For example, you will see mummified people, a dead clown named Achile Chatouilleu, and two-headed babies in this museum and nightclub. As such, you need to be ready because this establishment will give you a terrifying yet fun experience. We actually interviewed Carl Crew, the owner, for Weird World Adventures, and his story is wild! So, stay tuned for that!


All in all, these are some of the weird tourist destinations in Hollywood. As you can see, Hollywood is not only a place where you can get swept in the wake of famous people. This popular tourist destination can also offer some much stranger views. So, if you’re searching for something unusual and strange, you can also visit the above mentioned places. As long as you’re prepared, you will surely have fun in these establishments.

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