Weird World Adventures


About Weird World Adventures:

The strangest and dorkiest regions of the world will get brought to the screens of the everyday American who may be too afraid to or unable to see them for themselves. This 22-minute episodic will showcase the oddities and bizarre hobbies of the world. Weird World Adventures is a dorkier version of Destination Truth, bringing you to LARPs around the world on top of regular adventurous travel, which no one has done before.

WOMEN ARE NOT REPRESENTED ENOUGH IN  TRAVEL OR IN DORKY AND SUPERNATURAL CULTURE. WE WANT TO CHANGE THAT BY CREATING AN ADVENTUROUS TRAVEL SHOW FEATURING MOSTLY WOMEN! Actress, writer, and adventurer Malorie Mackey is your host who shows you this weird world in a different way. After having been a face of Diamond Comics and having a love of the supernatural, Malorie takes her expertise in that world and applies it to her other loves: Travel and Adventure!


This show has amazing marketing potential, as it hits both the travel and adventure lovers who live for shows like Destination Truth (which had up to 2.3 million viewers watching an episode) and the market from San Diego Comic Con (which gets over 160,000 live attendees, gets media attention on all major networks, and brings in revenue up to 17 million dollars per convention) by featuring LARPS and popular fantasy movie locations while still showcasing action and unique travel destinations.

If you are interested in finding out more about Weird World Adventures and/or would like to see the one sheet, ten episode arc, and pitch documents, please contact Malorie at [email protected]. See below for a sample segment as well as the full pilot episode.


Weird World Adventures Example Segment featuring Dinosaur Kingdom II

Weird World Adventures Full Pilot Episode





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