The Cursed and Eerie Locations You Can Visit while in New Orleans

New Orleans is a great destination if you want to see beautiful landscapes, taste delicious foods, drink boozy cocktails, and listen to entertaining Jazz music. However, this city has another side that welcomes paranormal enthusiasts. After all, it is well known for Voodoo, as well. In that vein, this tourist destination has several haunted places with terrifying stories. So, what are the cursed and eerie locations to visit in New Orleans?

The Sultan’s Palace

The Sultan’s Palace is a mansion that was owned by Sultan Jean Baptiste LePrete. There are several stories about this haunted place. One story tells about the terrifying massacre wherein everyone in the house was killed horribly, and one man was buried alive. According to a tale, it was the Sultan, himself, who was unlucky enough to be buried alive.

Even though the legend of the Sultan’s Palace is only a myth, we’ve found there’s always some grain of truth found buried deep within the legends of the past, and it has made this place one of the most haunted destinations in New Orleans. Plus, there are also reports of paranormal activity here, as well, including accounts of missing and moving objects.

The Lalaurie Mansion

According to several legends, Madame Lalaurie was an intelligent and beautiful woman; however, she was also a sadistic woman who abused her slaves. When the townspeople learned about her abusive treatment, it caused a rift between the town and the Lalaurie family.

One day, one of the slaves set a fire in the kitchen. Once the fire was cleared, the townspeople made a horrific discovery. Inside a burned door, they found dozens of slaves who had been stripped naked and piled together. In an outrage, the people ransacked the house and destroyed everything. Though the property has changed hands since the Lalaurie’s time, most people avoid it, as former tenants have reported hearing the wails of the victims.


Lady of Guadalupe Church

Originally known as the “Old Mortuary Church,” the Lady of Guadalupe is the last on this list of cursed and eerie locations to visit in New Orleans. As its old name implies, this church is where the dead get sent before their bodies are moved to their final resting place.

According to a legend, the Lady of Guadalupe Church was cursed. To be specific, the story states that only the dead should enter the place. If any family member of the deceased enters the church, they will be cursed. As the story goes, the pastors and pallbearers who have stepped foot in the building have all died of mysterious illnesses.

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