The Most Famous Cursed Artifacts from Around the World

Many people believe that certain objects are cursed, causing misfortune for those who have seen or touched these items. In fact, many artifacts are believed to have demons, spirits, and negative energies trapped in them. There are countless stories and legends throughout time of cursed items that have caused misfortunes to their creators. To give you a better view, here are the most famous cursed artifacts from around the world. Some of them will likely sound very familiar to you.

1. Dybbuk Box

The dybbuk box is a wine box believed to be possessed by a dybbuk. In Jewish mythology, a dybbuk is a demon or evil spirit that possesses people. According to the story, a survivor of the Holocaust accidentally summoned the dybbuk while using an Ouija board, and he was able to trap the evil spirit in the box or wine cabinet.

In 2001, the dybbuk box was bought by Kevin Mannis, and he immediately experienced paranormal events, specifically having nightmares. Afterward, Kevin gave the wine cabinet to his mother, who had a stroke on that same day. Then, the dybbuk box was said to have been passed on to different people, and each one had horrific nightmares and other misfortunes.

2. Annabelle Doll


One of the most famous cursed artifacts in the world is the Annabelle Doll. In fact, many people are familiar with this doll because its story has been made into a movie (with multiple sequels).

In 1970, a woman bought a doll, and she gave it to her daughter, Donna. After receiving the toy, Donna and her roommate experienced strange things. For instance, they would come home seeing the doll in different positions. Then, it started leaving notes around the home. After many other strange events occurred, Donna and her roommate decided to contact Ed and Lorraine Warren. These paranormal investigators concluded that there was an evil spirit inside the doll. In the end, they decided to lock the cursed artifact in a secured location.

3. The Hope Diamond

The last on this list of the most famous cursed artifacts from around the world is the hope diamond. According to the story, this popular diamond was stolen, and the thief suffered an unfortunate death. From there, its owners and anyone who touched it experienced strange and unfortunate events. For instance, Princess de Lambelle was murdered in a massacre during the French Revolution. Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, on the other hand, was attacked by wild dogs.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about this cursed artifact because it was believed that the curse was abated after Harry Winston gave it to The Smithsonian Museums.

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